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Team members

   Team 2014 NYMU-TAIPEI was a gather of 19 iGEM beginners when it was formed in early 2014, however this far, we found ourselves maniacs in synthetic biology. In the past several months, we have been trying to develop a sustainable and auto-controlled way to cure caries, which may be a good blessing for the elderly and toddlers.

   Cherishing every mistakes and possibilities we have explored, we humble learners are grateful in front of knowledge and our helpers. In some day we hope, may all our dreams break into blossoms.


   Chang, Kao Jung 張高榮

Kao Jung studies medicine in NYMU. In his first year in college, he leads the iGEM team. As you can see in the photo, he is not a serious person. He can play the guitar, write poems, and get along with everybody pretty well. What he does in our team is to communicate with teachers, lead the discussion in meetings, do experiments, and set the direction of our project. He is very interesting, do not miss the chance to make a friend with him!

   Wang, Wei Xing 王瑋欣

Wei Xing is a freshman in nursing department. In addition to professional nursing knowledge, she has great sense of leading a group. She is in charge of pathogenic group, one part of our project, and leads the members to finish the project, including brain storming, circuit design, and experiments. She is a diligent girl who is willing to take many works without hesitation. She is an indispensable member of NYMU-Taipei team.

   Wang, Yi Fang 王怡方

Yi Fang is a freshman in medicine department in our school. She designed the system of changing foot of phage and is responsible of the modeling work. She is quite hard-working and has high efficiency and accuracy in literature finding. Besides building the model of our project, she also contributes a lot in brain storming, coming up with lots of ideas and problems of our project that we might not think of.

   Chang, Yen An 張彥安

Yen An is a freshman in medicine department in NYMU. She is the leader of phage group and is responsible for constructing the sensor part of the S. mutans phage. Not only is she a very discreet and hard-working leader, but also a considerate and sensible friend. She always reads paper and does lab experiment carefully and therefore help us discover the problem. Surely, our team can’t do anything well without her.

   Wang, Hsin Yi 王馨儀

Hsin-Yi is a freshman in medicine department of National Yang Ming University. In our team, she is involved in the sensor and killer part of phage group. Also, she is responsible in both wiki construction and modeling. Being good at both biology and computer science, Hsin-Yi makes good contribution in solving problems in other perspective. Hsin-Yi is not only intelligent but also hard-working, coming up with some novel idea for our project.

   Niu, Szu Yun 牛思云

Szu Yun has a cute nickname, Niu Niu. She is a freshman in medicine department of NYMU. In our team, she designed the biosafety part. She is very diligent and puts many efforts in conducting experiments. Additionally, she is very good at playing sports!! If you want to play sports with someone, just contact her.

   Wang, Ching Yun 王慶雲

Ching yun is a life science sophomore in NYMU and takes part in our sRNA gene knockdown design. He is confident and hard-working in the project design. Being a sophomore student, he is great at doing experiment and knows a lot in molecular biology .In addition, he is responsible for the communication of iGEM conference in NCTU in our team. Because of his help, we step forward to a perfect team.

   Tsai, Yi Chen 蔡宜真

Being a sophomore student in NYMU life science department, Yi Chen knows a lot and often give us helpful suggestions.She takes part in our sensing module of detecting biofilm, using low oxygen and PH promoter, and bring up a specific way to combine phage and pathogenic communication. Moreover, she participates in many of our team art design, such as our team T-shirt. With her help, we come up with many new ideas.

   Huang, Jui Tzu 黃睿慈

Jui Tzu is a first grade medical student in NYMU. Besides taking charge of indicating module in pathogenic group, she dedicated in bring up magmetic bacteria in our 2011 iGEM team project, in cooperation with University of Pennsylvania. Also, she was involved in our sensing module of detecting S.mutans. She's always ready to give us a hand.

   Huang, Chien Yung 黃芊詠

Being a freshman in the life science department, she is a very lovely girl. She brings a lot of joy to the people around her. Chien Yung is willing to help partners in our team. As for our project parts, she takes charge of killing part of E. coli. She never gives up doing her best in the wet lab experiment.

   Yu, Hsuan-Hsuan 游暄萱

Ayersa always pushes herself to the limits to achieve perfection. She takes care of the biofilm inhibiting part in our Tackled Tooth project. Though exhausted by massive literature research, she never gave up on our project. One of her greatest talents is to bring joy and laughter to her friends and beloved ones. Sometimes she just can’t stop herself from laughing hard! When Ayersa is around, no one feels bored!!

   Chen, Wei-Tai 陳威臺

William is a sophomore majoring in life science. He and Ching yun designed a part of the phage circuit to inhibit the growth of s. mutan’s biofilm. William enjoys playing basketball, computer games, and spending time with his family. But most of all, he has a unique taste for savoring food and cuisine. Having a hard time deciding where to go for lunch or dinner? Call William! He sure will be your hero of the day!

   Yu, Pei Shen 余佩珊

Meet Sunny! That’s her, the girl who always has a radiant smile on her face. She is willing to lend a helping hand to her friends anytime and anywhere. It’s amazing how she turns one’s bad mood into delighted feelings! Though being silly sometimes, she never lets the NYMU team down when it comes to doing experiments. Over the past few months, Sunny has been working hard on the attachment part of our project.

   Chen, Kuan Jung 陳冠蓉

Ruby is responsible for Human practice. She is always energetic and willing to help others in our team. Her energy shines like sunshine and makes all of us delight, giving us courage to go on. No matter how much or how difficult her work is, she will make effort to it and lead to a wonderful result. She also did well in making short films, which are very lovely! We love to work with Ruby!

   Chen, Hung-Wen 陳鴻文

In IGEM team, Bill takes charge of the sponsorship, human practice and advertisement. He shots a nice sponsoring film to boost our presence before hundreds of iGEM teams. In human practice, Bill establishes the fan page and keeps updating the news on it. Not only human practice but also the circuit design of our part, he always analyzes the project logically and gives us some practical ideas. Hardworking and high efficiency are the best adjective of Bill.

   Leon Yim

Leon Yim is a high school student at Taipei American School (TAS), Taipei. He is very enthusiastic and interested in how synthetic biology works and how it can be used to tackle common problems. He joined the 2014 NYMU-iGEM team and is working on engineered E.coli in the current project for the S.mutans and the Biofilm problem. In the future he wants to engineer and design new circuits with various applications.

   Peng, Jui-Hui Patrick 彭睿輝

Patrick had been studying in Canada during high school. He can idle away a whole day simply being a bookworm, spending time with fierce dragons in magical kingdoms. Even without food and water, an e-book is enough to make his world go round. Patrick is talented in drawing. He designed our poster and pictures on the 2014 NYMU wiki page.

   Evonne Pei

Evonne is a eleven-grade student from Taipei American School. She's a cute younger sister in our team and brought up our working atmosphere. In spite of her young age, she worked hard and contributed a lot in our team. Not only did she helped in the experiments in wet lab, she also gave us a lot of help in English communication, such as presentation and documental works.

   Kidane Desta Gebreyesus

Kidane is a PhD student at the Institution of Biomedical Informatics in NYMU. He has MSc degree in Mathematical and Statistical Modelling. In our team, he is hard-working in the Modelling part to obtain appropriate Mathematical models to model parameter determinations and simulations. Also, he is expected to contribute in the analysis and statistical tests of our experimental data.


   Chang, Chuan-Hsiung 張傳雄

Associate Professor
Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology
Institute of Biomedical Informatics
National Yang Ming University

   Li, Wan-Chun 黎萬君

Assistant Professor,
Department of Dentistry,
School of Dentistry,
National Yang Ming University

   Chang, Ching-Fen (Jane) 張菁芬

Postdoctoral Fellow
Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology
Institute of Biomedical Informatics
National Yang Ming University

   Yang, Chih-Hsien 楊志賢

Ph.D candidate,
Genome Engineering Lab,
Institute of Biomedical Informatics,
National Yang Ming University

   Jesse Wu 吳傑熙

Ph.D candidate,
Genome Engineering Lab,
Institute of Biomedical Informatics,
National Yang Ming University

   Jude Clapper

Director of Scientific Research,
Chemistry Instructor,
Taipei American School

   Chen, Yen-Jung (Lisa) 陳妍蓉

Research assistant
Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology
Institute of Biomedical Informatics
National Yang Ming University

   Wu, Chen-Chih (Roy) 吳貞志

Ph.D candidate,
Institute of Clinical Medicine,
National Yang Ming University

Graduate Consultants

   Su, Tzu-Yi 蘇子懿

1st-year Master Program student,
Institute of Oral biology,
National Yang Ming University

   Lo, Yen-Chen Chris 駱彥辰

2nd-year Master Program Student,
Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Sciences,
National Yang Ming University


All of the works, including experiments, wiki, modeling, human practice, are done by the students in our team. Instructors and seniors helped us on brainstorming, parts check, modeling methods advice, human practice supports, and so on. Except that the background image of wiki is helped by a friend of a team student. The sponsors and other institutions that have helped us are listed on the footer of our wiki page.

General support

Dr. Chang, Chuan-Hsiung (張傳雄), Dr. Li, Wan-Chun (黎萬君), Dr. Chang, Ching-Fen (張菁芬) and Mr. Jude Clapper are the main mentors of our team. During the preparation, lecture learning and brain storming, they helped us a lot. They guided us and always gave us different kinds of views to think about.

Dr. Chang, Ching-Fen (張菁芬) trained us to use the wet lab for iGEM experiments, and she always has immense patience to help us and teach us. Even though we were troublemakers sometimes, she was still willing to give us good advice and let us try out various experiments in the lab. During those experimental times, we are really grateful to her for all her great help and care.

Jesse Wu (吳傑熙) taught us a lot, such us biobricking, using wiki, paper searching and so on, during the lecture learning. He is a really nice guy, and has patience to help us solve different machine and computer problems. The knowledge he has taught is very useful. He is our great teacher and always willing to answer our strange questions. With his help, our project could be much more special!

Yang, Chih-Hsien (楊志賢) also taught lecture for us. He taught us modeling, and guide us to use Octave to present our experimental results. We are also very thankful to him!

Su, Tzu-Yi (蘇子懿) is a 1st-year Master Program student of Institute of Oral biology. He often gave us lots of advice about oral cavity. He also taught us how to cultivate ''Streptococcus mutans'' and provided us machine and introduced us to have a project discussion with his instructor Dr. Wu, Ching Yi (吳靜宜). Frankly, it helped a lot. We are very appreciate Su, Tzu-Yi (蘇子懿) and Dr. Wu, Ching Yi (吳靜宜) for their help.