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HOPErfusion is a handmade device which combines HOPE box and perfusion machine into a cool apparatus. Its mainly function is to simulate the oral environment for facilitating the anti-biofilm experiment. [Cleanse-Antibiofilm].

In HOPE box, we put modified slide glass by coating by saliva (37。C,1 hr) to simulate the surface of oral cavity. Closed space of HOPE box is anoxic atmosphere like oral cavity . Perfusion machine is to drop BHI and saliva on slide glass to mimic the flowing atmosphere (28.3 mm/min). Finally, all the material we used is germ-free to prevent other germs to influence our experiment.

HOPErfusion is user-friendly,costly and most importantly,effective. HOPErfusion has successfully helped us with easily mimicking the atmosphere of oral cavity in our experiments.So we have confidence that HOPErfusion can be implemented to future testing and research related to oral biology.

saliva collection step

HOPErfusion assembly