“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world” – Robin Williams

For our system to ever become a product on the international market, it must be legal to produce and sell edible, genetically modified bacteria. We don’t know if this will ever happen, and if people ever will eat food produced by bacteria. We believe that everyone should be aware of the fact that the world’s population will increase and double within the next 58 years, Source: Population media Center, 2009: Issue we Address. (Link) and that this might lead to lack of food for everyone in the future.

This is a worldwide problem and we need to find a new food source.
Are people aware of this, when they think of eating bacteria? As synthetic biologist and scientists we think that it is very important to inform the general public and make them understand, that microorganisms might be an opportunity for solving the upcoming problems. We know that it sounds strange and unpleasant to use bacteria as a food source, but after working with this project we see a big capability and potential for microorganisms as a food source in the future.