Judging criteria

"It always seems impossible until it's done." – Nelson Mandela

6/6 Bronze Requirements

Register the team, have a great summer, and plan to have fun at the Giant Jamboree.

Our team has been registered, we have had the best summer, and we sure plan to have lots of fun at the Giant Jamboree!

Complete Judging form

Our Judging form was completed the 17th of October.

Make a Team Wiki

We sure did, you are currently on it.

Present a poster and a talk at the Giant iGEM Jamboree

We are looking forward and planning to attend the Gigant Jamboree in Boston, where we will present our project with a talk and a poster.

Clearly attribute work done by the students and distinguish it from work done by others

In the section; Attributions we describe all the help we have received and in the section; Process we describe how we divided the main responsibilities between us, team members.

Document a new standard BioBrick/Device used in your project and submit it to the Registry

Our BioBricks can be found in the section; Submitted Parts. Our favorite BioBrick is BBa_K1475001, OneProt as basic part.

4/4 Silver Requirements

Experimentally validate a BioBrick/Device of your own design and construction to work as expected

We have validated that our BioBricks BBa_K1475005, BBa_K1475006 and BBa_K1475000 work as expected.

Document the characterization of this part

All our characterization documentation has been uploaded to Registry of Standard Biological Parts and is also available in our section; Results.

Submit this new part to the iGEM Parts Registry

We have successfully submitted these parts

Articulate at least one question encountered by your team beyond the bench, and describe how your team considered the(se) question(s) within your project

Our major question is whether people will accept genetically modified microorganisms as a food source. To approach this, we have made a questionnaire, ethical considerations, a business plan, interviewed experts, made a wide outreach and an informative and interactive video adventure. For more details, visit our section; Practices and Policy.

3/3 Gold Requirements

Improve the function OR characterization of an existing BioBrick Part or Device

We have improved the characterization of the TetR with LVA-tag, BioBrick BBa_C0040, by making an expression system with GFP and characterizing it by FACS (Fluorescence Acivated Cell Sorting) and SDS-PAGE (SDS Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis) analysis. Furthermore we have improved the characterization of BBa_J45999 by incorporating IMS (Iron Mobility Spectroscopy) analysis.

Help another registered iGEM team

We have helped the ETH-Zurich iGEM team and the Imperial College iGEM team. For more details, see here

Describe an approach that your team used to address at least one of these questions. Evaluate your approach, including whether it allowed you to answer your question(s), how it influenced the team’s scientific project, and how it might be adapted for others to use (within and beyond iGEM)

We have described and evaluated our approaches at Practices and Policy.

iGEM Prizes

Best Policy & Practice advance

Our main goal was to investigate whether people would eat genetically modified bacteria. To do this, we have successfully accomplished to:

Best supporting software

We made a mockup to a modelling database. This database should help other teams with their modelling and ideally it should be included to the Registry, in order to make a "Registry of Modelling". One of the major time consumptions during this kind of modeling is finding rate equations and searching for parameters. This time consuming process reoccurs each year. We therefore propose that we make a common database for modelling, that is incorporated into the iGEM website.

Best new basic part

BBa_K1475001 and BBa_K1475002

Best new composit part

BBa_K1475006 and BBa_K1475000