The Team

"Keep calm and walk silly" - John Cleese in The Ministry of Silly Walks

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From inexperienced lab monkey to skilled synthetic biologist
"If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs" - Gordon Ramsay

Patrick Rosendahl Andreassen - Instructor Andreas Kjær - Instructor Thøger Jensen Krogh - Instructor
Tina Kronborg - Instructor Ann Zahle Andersen - Instructor Jakob Møller-Jensen - Advisor

The witch

Who is playing tricks on us?

The witch - Mascot

Team description from the early days

We are a very ambitious group of 9 students from five different disciplines: medicine, biomedicine, biochemistry and molecular biology, mathematics and chemical engineering. Because we didn’t know each other before the team was formed, we expected to evolve as a group and learn to use our differences - both professionally and personally - to achieve a synergetic teamwork. We have big expectations for the team, the competition and ourselves. We are prepared to use our holidays (and the only sunny months in Denmark) to work hard on a meaningful project that will, hopefully, be of use to someone. We want to do this in order to get more practical experience and have a good time with other engaged students. Some of us have never been in the lab before, and others feel that the scheduled lab-exercises in our studies are just too predictable. At this point, we wish to design a project that will span the subjects of synthetic biology, characterization, mathematical modeling and simulation of a biological system as well as a broader outreach to the general public.