The video adventure

Come visit the crazy and adventurous burger joint; Mamma's Burgers!

Why make a video?

In the attempt to make a novel outreach approach, we have made a video adventure – a digital role play, where the viewer is faced with a set of choices. The viewer will then shape the video adventure through these choices. Depending on the viewer's choice, the adventure will lead down different paths.

The end product of our project design – the Edible coli – will imply us to encourage people to eat genetically modified bacteria. On this matter we expect some challenge, since people tend to fear bacteria and oppose genetic modification, and therefore also synthetic biology. It is a myth that all bacteria are bad, Source: microBEnet: Microbial Myths: Common misconceptions about microbes (w/ some extra focus on those in the built environment), 2011. (Link) and it is a myth that genetic engineering is a radical technology. Source: Marris, C.: Public views on GMOs: deconstructing the myths. EMBO reports, 2001. Vol. 2 p. 545-548. (Link) In addition to this, a Eurobarometer survey on ”Europeans and Biotechnology” shows that out of the 25,000 European citizens it interviewed in 25 EU member states in 2005, 41% of the participants thought that ordinary tomatoes do not contain genes, while genetically modified tomatoes do. Source: Gaskell, G., et al.: Europeans and Biotechnology in 2005: Patterns and Trends. Final report on Eurobarometer 64.3, 2006. P. 57. (Link) In conjunction with the skepticism about GM foods (also investigated in the survey), this survey result indicates that people believe genes to be unwanted. Enlightenment therefore might be needed on the subject.

The video is a method to accomodate this anticipated opposition to the Edible coli by killing these myths and teaching the audience about bacteria, DNA and GMO in a fun and participatory way.

The story is set in a burger joint, where a boy tries to order a cheeseburger from Burger Mama, but from here on out, you make his decisions. Try it yourself.

For the real experience, try the Youtube version, but every file is also uploaded to the iGEM server.

Click here to see the manuscript for the video.
Click here to see the storyboard for the video.

The flowchart tree that the adventure is based on:

       Start the adventure here:

The corresponding files:

                          -     Scene 1
                          -     Scene 1.1 + 1.1.1
                          -     Scene 1.1.2
                          -     Scene + 2
                          -     Scene + 2
                          -     Scene 1.1.3
                          -     Scene + + 2
                          -     Scene + + 2
                          -     Scene + + 2
                          -     Scene + + 2
                          -     Scene 1.2 + 1.2.1
                          -     Scene 1.2.2
                          -     Scene 1.2.3 + 1.1.1
                          -     Scene 2.1 + 3
                          -     Scene 2.2 + 3
                          -     Scene 3.1 + 4
                          -     Scene 3.2 + 4
                          -     Scene 4.1
                          -     Scene 4.2
                          -     Scene 5

Behind the scenes.