Sharing the message

"When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat." – Ronald Reagan

To present a scientific project is very educational. It requires a good understanding of the project and might lead to a better understanding of the details. Furthermore response and questions from listeners can be very helpful, as they give an idea of the understanding of the subject as well as show new aspects and reflections on the project.
We think that it is important to practice presentation skills and use all the benefits a presentation might lead to. Therefore we participated in different outreach events, where all team members have practiced their individual presentation skills at least once.
We spend much time on outreach, but we can conclude that the benefit, especially in the form of response, had a big impact on our project.

iGEM meet-up in London.

iGEM meet-up in London hosted by YSB (1st of September - 2nd of September)

We were very happy to participate in the iGEM meet-up in London. Here we got the first opportunity to tell others about our project and discuss our policies and practices with other iGEM teams. Additionally, there were a lot of friendly participants who helped by filling out our questionnaire and giving us valuable feedback.

Study Trade Fair (11th of September)

Study Trade Fair. We participated in the annual Study Trade Fair at our university to raise awareness about the iGEM competition, our project, promote our outreach events in October, to get more answers to our questionnaire and to promote the recruiting for next year’s iGEM-team. The day was a great success. We met many interested students who wanted to hear more about iGEM in general and about our project. In addition, we were able to practice our presentation skills.

Old-iGEM Meet-up (18th of September)

Old-GEM meet-up.

We invited all former SDU-iGEM participants to a meet up… and it was a success! They heard about our project and responded to our presentation with valuable feedback. Our supervisors had arranged and prepared dinner after our presentation, which gave us a chance to discuss the responses. Thank you to all of them for coming and making this a cozy evening.

Bioscientific dissemination (30th of September)

Bioscientific dissemination is an event for students by students. It is an event where students get the chance to present their individual, bachelor and master projects to get a great response and practice presentation skills. The iGEM SDU-Denmark 2014 project was presented by one of our team members, and he got constructive criticism as well as a great experience.

Sundhedsmekka: An exhibition for medical students (1st of October)

Sundhedsmekka. Sundhedsmekka is a yearly event, where associations and event groups with interests that concerns medical students can promote themselves. Originally, it was a medical student who started the first iGEM team from SDU. Since then the iGEM teams representing SDU have at least had one medical student on their team. In spite of this, most medical students at SDU have not heard of iGEM, and even synthetic biology is an unfamiliar field to most medical students. By participating in Sundhedsmekka our iGEM team got a chance to explain the concept of the iGEM contest and our own project. It was a great success to talk to all the many interested students and in connection with the conversations; we invited people to attend our “Quiz and Presentation night”, which had premiere in the following week.

Quiz and Presentation night at the Student House (6th of October)

Quiz and Presentation night at the Student House. The Student House is a gathering place for students and locals, which is located in the center of Odense. The purpose of the Student House is to have a forum where university students can come to study or to take part in social events. Volunteers are responsible for the café area, where different events take place frequently. Our team arranged a Microorganism Quiz and Presentation Night at the Student House where around fifty people participated. Our presentation was about the main concepts of iGEM and synthetic biology and additionally an overview of our own project. The presentation was followed by our quiz about microorganisms. Every question had a preamble concerning microorganisms but the question usually was a digression from the subject. Our idea with the event was that the questions should apply to anyone and it ended up being a great success for this reason.

Article in SUND&HED

SUND&HED is a university newspaper directed to health science and medical students. We wrote an article about iGEM and our project, which will be published in late October.