Helping others


A very big part of iGEM is collaborating with and helping other teams. The amount of great iGEM projects through time shows how important it is to work together and use previous projects and ideas to make new projects. This is exactly why it is a gold medal requirement to help another iGEM team, and why we have talked to a lot of other iGEM teams about our own and their ideas. To this end we have chosen to help two other iGEM teams with their projects. We attended a meet-up in London on the 1st and 2nd of September with a lot of UK iGEM teams and it was great to finally meet some of the other teams in the iGEM competition. This YSB ("Young Synthetic Biologists") meet-up was organized by SynBioSoc, supported by the Wellcome Trust and UCL and we want to thank them for allowing us to participate as the only non-UK team. We received important feedback on our project, poster and presentation and it was interesting to hear what the other teams had been doing. Our collaborations with other teams can be seen below.

Imperial College

Imperial College has been exploring how different iGEM teams deal with the fact that all communication and formal information is in English - especially iGEM teams who do not speak English as a native language. At the London meet-up we scheduled a Skype meeting with them where we helped them answer question about our experience with speaking and working with English.

ETH Zurich

We have helped the ETH Zurich iGEM team with answering and distributing their survey, and as a thank you for getting over 50 answers on the survey for them we have received this amazing badge: