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Science Festival

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We were located at the IGM (Institut de Génétique et Microbiologie) in one of the biology laboratories of the University. We presented the iGEM contest and our project using these different items :

  • Odor-free bacteria: We presented the use of phages to remove the gene responsible of the bad odor in E.coli. Bacterial cultures were set up to show the difference of smell between the cultures with or without this gene.
  • Lemon scent : We used colourful and mobile pieces of cardboard to illustrate the making of biobricks which allowed us to show the available tools of iGEM, and to introduce this concept in a funny and simple way.
  • The colour change : We presented how the supression system is working after a salicylate induction via a biobrick model. We also use an chemical reaction to display the colour change from green to yellow when a reagent is consumed.
  • Lemon shape : colored and moulded agar were exposed to the public to illustrate our project.

Paris Saclay science festival3.png