Team:Paris Saclay/Attributions





  • Marie Nguyen : Experiments (lemon scent, odor Free, salicylate), ethics (interviews, surveys), sponsoring, bibliography.
  • Mathieu Bousquet : Experiments (lemon scent, odor free, salicylate), sponsoring, bibliography.
  • Floriane Cherrier : Events reporter, national collaborations, video, sponsoring, events.
  • Arnaud Motz: Experiments (lemon Scent, odor free, salicylate), modeling (fusion protein), sponsoring, bibliography.
  • Fabio Maschi : Web master, experiments (Salicylate), video maker, collaboration, coffee boy.
  • Terry Mara: Experiments (lemon scent, odor Free, salicylate), interviews, video, web design.
  • Eugène Ndiaye: Experiments(lemon scent), modeling (odor and oxygen diffusion), ethics (surveys).
  • Maher Ben Khaled: Experiments (odor free, salicylate), ethics (interviews and surveys), sponsoring, collaborations (Lia Giraud), video, bibliography.
  • Mathias Vétillard : Experiments (lemon scent, odor free, salicylate), sponsoring, ethics, bibliography.
  • Hoang Vu Vo : Experiments (lemon scent, salicylate), ethics (interview).
  • Leïla Ayachi : Art design, web design, art part, video, events, ethics (survey)
  • Laetitia Doukhan : Experiments (lemon scent, salicylate), meetings reporter, web design.
  • Mélanie Criqui : Experiments (lemon scent, salicylate), ethics (surveys and interviews), event, international, collaborations, sponsoring
  • Romain Sanson : Experiments (odor free), art design, video, ethics (surveys and interviews).
  • Pierre Roux : Experiments (lemon scent, salicylate), ethics (About Life, Art and Science), video, modeling (bacterial growth).
  • Juliette Chevallier: Experiments (lemon scent, salicylate), ethics (surveys and interviews), sponsoring, events, meetings reporter, video, art design, modeling (bacterial gowth).
  • Fanny Boulet : Web design.
  • Raphael De St Exupéry: Ethics (surveys and interviews report).
  • Rémi Franco: Ethics (survey), events.
  • Sean Choe: Experiments(Lemon Scent, Salicylate), collaborations supervisor, English checking.

Advisors & Instructors

  • Alice Devigne: Advising and supervising experiments
  • Solenne Ithurbide: Advising and supervising experiments
  • Sylvie Lautru: Advising and supervising experiments
  • Phillipe Bouloc: Advising and supervising experiments
  • Claire Toffano-Nioche: Advising and modeling supervisor
  • Olivier Namy: Advising and supervising experiments
  • Jean-Luc Pernodet: Advising and hosting

Special Thanks

In addition to the team, many people have contributed to the project. We would like to thank them.

We thank Lia Giraud, a very prolific Bio-Artist for guiding us and helping us to define our project. We discussed Bioart and Ethics with her. We invite you to visit her [ website].

We thank another Bio-Artist, Marion Laval-Jeantet, who we met on several occasions and gave us valuable advice.

We also thank [ Christina Agapakis], who came to see us this summer to answer our questions on the Art & Design Track and ethics.

Paris Saclay Meting Christina.jpg

Lucille, Antoine and Elise, thank you for answering our interviews.

We thank Philippe Perez for the Fast-Lemon videos that you can go watch on our wiki and Lucille a wonderful actress.

We thank Naveen and Jia for their proofreading.

We thank everyone who answered our surveys, and all iGEM teams with whom we collaborated. We thank, [ Therese BICHON], [ Alexei GRINBAUM], [ Emmanuel HIRSCH], [ Morgan MEYER], Partrick SAINT-JEAN and Dominique SCIAMMA.

Personnal thank : Floriane: Thank you very much to Kenneth Vernick my Boss for letting me use some work hours in this project.

We thank too [ the Institut de Génétique et Microbiologie] as host lab and general suport.

We thank all members who have ponctually or all project long been part of the iGEM team Paris Saclay.(Advisors, Instructors and All students). Thank Alexandre, Alice, Anais, Arnaud, Caroline, Cristina, Claire, Damir, Dimitri, Eugène, Eric, Fabio, Fanny, Floriane, Hoang-Vu,Jean-Luc, Jérémy, Juliette, Laëtitia, Laura, Leila (X2), Lisa, Lucie, Maher, Marie, Mathias, Mathieu, Meghane, Mélanie, Nadia, Olivier, Philippe, Pierre, Raphael (X2), Rémi, Romain, Sean, Solenne, Sylvie, Terry, Xavier. All these people have been essential for the successful completion of this project and this wonderful adventure.

Paris Saclay iGEMTeamBrainstorming.jpg