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Project Abstract: This is not a lemon!

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Synthetic Biology has the power of potentially changing paradigms of society such as our conception of what living beings are. If we deprive bacteria from all their “unnecessary" functions and have them produce what we need and desire, do these bacteria still possess the status of living organisms or have they become machines? To raise and explore this question, we adopted an artistic approach. Indeed, we think that Bio-Art is one of the best ways to reach the citizens and to spark debate and reflection.

We decided to create a concept organism that would reflect these interrogations. We plan to modify Escherichia coli in order to produce the fragrance of a lemon and simulate the ripening process of a lemon by changing its color gradually from green to yellow. A mixture of bacteria and solid growth medium will be moulded in a lemon shape: it will smell like a lemon, ripe like a lemon and look like a lemon, but "ceci n’est pas un citron” - this is not a lemon… or is it?

With this project we invite everyone to think about the upcoming opportunities and the necessary ethical limits of designing living beings.

When life gives you lemons, break your taboos with Paris Saclay!

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