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Even though many works have guided our artistic reflection, we chose to focus on 2 works which are representative of our main lines:

R. Magritte (1898-1967), La trahison des images (1929)

Paris Saclay Magritte.png
Magritte, the Surrealist Belgian artist displays through his work the duality of image, between truth and decoy. His art also embodies a real legacy for advertising of the 20th century.

(source of inspiration for the title of our project just as our videos)

Vanity, through a Pieter Claesz’s (1596-1661) painting (1630)

Paris Saclay Vanite.png
By frankly evoking leak of time, the ephemeral hallmark of life and the place of Humanity in the universe, Vanity fit directly in our efforts to define life.

(source of inspiration for the ethical part, the problematic of living thing’s definition has been mentioned within the team and during different meetings such as « curiositas ».)

Additional references

The following may interest the more curious visitors of our wiki.

Plato, Allegory of the Cave

Paris Saclay project-inspiration4.jpg
This allegory proposed by Plato explains in illustrated terms human conditions of access to knowledge and reality.

Four seasons, Arcimboldo (1527-1593)

Paris Saclay project-inspiration3.jpg
Usage of fruits (so living things) in order to talk about immortality and flatter human genus. (glorification of the Habsburg line, immutable like the seasons).