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A big thank you to our sponsors!

Main sponsors

Université Paris-Sud and the FSDIE for financial support.

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The Université de Paris-Sud is the largest campus in France and one of the most prestigious universities in Europe as evidenced by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. It is made of five areas, located in the towns of Orsay, Sceaux, Châtenay-Malabry, Cachan, and Kremlin-Bicêtre, all of which are in the southern suburbs of Paris. The Université de Paris Sud is well known for its expertise in science but is now involved in almost all fields from Mathematics to Social Sciences. University laboratories frequently join together to perform multidisciplinary research. The university will also take part in the creation of University of Paris-Saclay, a project that will be completed in a few year whose goal is to regroup the university with prestigious Schools (Grandes Ecoles) around Orsay.

Thank you IGM (Institut de Genetique et de Microbiologie) for providing us with a laboratory, experimental equipment, and coffee. Paris Saclay IGM.png

The Institute of Genetics and Microbiology (IGM) is one of the major players in microbiology in France. IGM is a Mixed Research Unit associated with the CNRS and the Université Paris-Sud. It originated from the merger of two research Institutes in 1989: the Physiological Genetics Laboratory and the Microbiology Institute. The Institute of Genetics and Microbiology is devoted to the study of microorganisms to further both fundamental and applied research.The IGM accommodates 24 groups : 71 researchers, professors and assistant-professors, 55 engineers and technicians and about 68 PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. The Institute's scientific and academic activities have a direct impact on the population through contracts with public and industrial research centers.

Financial aid

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We thank too generous Bankeez donators

Material aid

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Special offers

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