Team:Paris Saclay/Project/Fastlemon




Have you ever dreamt about having your food magically appeared ?

Without going to the supermarket? Without cooking for hours?

Now your dreams come true because YOU have FastLemon

I bet you're wondering, what is FastLemon?

FastLemon is the better way to have your food in a flash. It's like a lemon: the smell is the same, the color is the same and the taste is the same. Like a lemon, made by cells linked together by protein, sugar, lipids and others, FASTLEMON contains some E. coli joined together by agar. So you have exactly the same: cells and sugar. FastLemon is as living as a lemon !

After a hard day FASTLEMON is always welcome!

This will brighten up your day.


Because our FastLemon has such a wonderful fragrance that you will forget all your problems.

In effect FASTLEMON has particular properties that make it very attractive:

  • The bad E.coli smell was removed
  • The lemon scent is so captivating because the E.coli smell was modified
  • The apparence is like a lemon: same ripening and same shape.

So that's why you have to choose FASTLEMON as many consumers already have:

They tried it!

Juliette : "Since I tried FASTLEMON, I can't spend a single day without FASTLEMON"

Leila : "Since I tried FASTLEMON I have finally time for myself"

Terry : "Since I tried FASTLEMON my wife cooks better than before"

Romain: "I tried FASTLEMON the day's end is much more colorful"


Do you think we can believe this advertisement? In your opinion, is it a real or fake lemon? Living or not living?

Does the ad succeed in convincing you to try the product? Is there any limit with biology?

Here are some of the questions we raised in our project. Click to see more !