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Meet The Team!

Edward Muir

  • Third year Physicist.
  • Worked on Raman spectroscopy, iLOV characterisation and modelling our project.

  • Peter Reader

  • Third year Biological and Medicinal Chemist.
  • Likes cycling and long walks on the beach.
  • Worked on protein kinetics, HPLC and building our wiki. He also designed our excellent game.

  • Bethany Hickton

  • Third year Biologist.
  • Likes horse riding and baking.
  • Worked on testing our protein's activity in vivo and looked at the impact of our project on various stakeholders.

  • Katie Pearce

  • Third year Physicist.
  • Training for a marathon and loves cooking.
  • Researched the real world applications of our project.

  • Max Smart

  • Third year Computer Scientist.
  • Huge Nickelback fan and currently writing a novel.
  • Worked on our wiki and modelling our project.

  • Martyn Bennett

  • Third year Biochemist.
  • Likes (mock) sword fighting and is an accomplished pianist.
  • Worked on designing our constructs.

  • Jessica Rollit

  • Third year Biochemist.
  • Likes travelling and riding horses in Montana.
  • Worked on kill switches.

  • Ben Miller

  • Third year Biological and Medicinal Chemist.
  • Hoping to continue his studies at the London Royal Academy of Dance and Arts after graduating this year.
  • Worked on testing the response of natural E. coli and our promoters to xenobiotics.

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