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Lab Book

On this page you can find out more about how our project progressed over time. Our data was originally written in a standard lab book. We have scanned in each page of the book. Each page is listed with along with the page number, the date the page covers, a short description of work carried out that day as well as who did it.

Page No. Date: Description: Carried out by:
1 30/06/14 Transformation of iGEM standardised DNA into plasmids for culturing. RBSs and protocols listed. Martyn Bennet, Beth Hickton
2 31/06/14 Transformation of iGEM DNA into plasmids for culturing, cont. List of promoters transformed. Beth Hickton, Edward Muir
3 01/07/14 List of promoters transformed, cont. Transformations were plated. Beth Hickton, Martyn Bennet
4 02/07/14 The previous day transformations were plated. Beth Hickton
5 02/07/14 Transformation of iGEM re-suspended promoters. Beth Hickton
6 02/07/14 Preparation of competent E. coli cells Beth Hickton
7 03/07/14 Promoter transformation results. Jessica Rollit, Martyn Bennet
8 03/07/14 E. coli growth rate. Edward Muir, Beth Hickton
9 04/07/14 Transformation of promoters and gene constructs. Edward Muir, Beth Hickton
10 07/07/14 Putting constructs into the iGEM vector and testing for transformation efficiency. Martyn Bennet, Edward Muir, Beth Hickton
11 08/07/14 Repeat construct addition into iGEM vector and testing transformation efficiency. Edward Muir, Beth Hickton, Martyn Bennet
12 08/07/14 Transforming constructs into Top10 and DH5. Beth Hickton, Martyn Bennet, Edward Muir
13 09/07/14 Results of Construction of iGEM vector. Jessica Rollit, Beth Hickton
14 10/07/14 A range of mini-preps Jessica Rollit, Beth Hickton
15 11/07/14 Measuring the length of DNA. Edward Muir
16 11/07/14 Measuring the length of DNA, cont. Edward Muir
17 11/07/14 Mini-prepping picked cultures containing promoters. Callum Bailey, Elize Hernandez
18 11/07/14 Parts sent for sequencing Callum Bailey, Elize Hernandez
19 11/07/14 Linearizing DNA. Edward Muir
20 11/07/14 Creating glycerol stocks. Beth Hickton, Max Smart
21 14/07/14 GFP and RFP resuspension and transformation. Edward Muir, Martyn Bennet, Beth Hickton
22 14/07/14 GFP and RFP resuspension and transformation, cont. Beth Hickton, Edward Muir
23 16/07/14 Mini-prepping GFP and RFP. Jessica Rollit, Edward Muir, Fran Penrose
24 16/07/14 GFP and RFP digestion/ligation to PSB1C3. Beth Hickton, Edward Muir
25 16/07/14 Plasmid digestions. Edward Muir, Callum Bailey, Benjamin Miller
26 16/07/14 RFP/GFP ligations. Edward Muir
27 16/07/14 RFP/GFP ligations, cont. Edward Muir
28 17/07/14 Transformation of GFP/RFP with terminator. Edward Muir
29 18/07/14 Making LB agar for promoters experiment. Katie Pearce
30 18/07/14 Promoter experiment – quantities. Edward Muir
31 18/07/14 Promoter experiment – quantities, cont. Edward Muir
32 18/07/14 Promoter experiment – quantities, cont. 2. Edward Muir
33 21/07/14 Promoter experiment preliminary timetable. Edward Muir
34 22/07/14 Electrophoresis of RFP and GFP (with terminators). Edward Muir
35 22/07/14 Preparation of competent E. coli cells. Beth Hickton, Peter Reader
36 23/07/14 GFP/RFP + terminator liquid broths mini-prepped. Beth Hickton, Peter Reader, Jessica Rollit
37 23/07/14 Potassium Chromate preparation. Peter Reader, Benjamin Miller, Beth Hickton
38 23/07/14 Transformation of other promoters. Edward Muir
39 24/07/14 Moving GFP+T and RFP+T onto AMP backbones. Edward Muir, Katie Pearce
40 24/07/14 Ligation of GFP+T and RFP+T onto AMP backbones. Edward Muir, Beth Hickton
41 24/07/14 Potassium Dichromate colorimetry and spectrophotometry. Beth Hickton, Edward Muir
42 28/07/14 Plating Anderson RBSs. Beth Hickton, Edward Muir, Elize Hernandez
43 28/07/14 Mini-prep of reporters, promoters and RBSs. Beth Hickton, Elize Hernandez, Edward Muir
44 29/07/14 COSHH Form created for Nitroglycerine experiments. Beth Hickton, Peter Reader, Benjamin Miller
45 30/07/14 Cr(VI) / Ligand experimentation. Peter Reader
46 31/07/14 Mini-prep of constructs. Edward Muir, Elize Hernandez, Beth Hickton
47 31/07/14 Digestion and ligation of promoter/RBS combos. Edward Muir, Callum Bailey
48 31/07/14 Oligo preparation. Edward Muir, Callum Bailey
49 31/07/14 Ligation of promoter and RBs digestions. Edward Muir, Callum Bailey, Benjamin Miller
50 01/08/14 Digestion and Ligation of constructs 004 and 007. Edward Muir, Jessica Rollit, Beth Hickton
51 01/08/14 Digestion and Ligation of constructs 004 and 007, cont. Edward Muir
52 05/08/14 Colonies picked and mini-prepped. Callum Bailey
53 05/08/14 Colonies picked and mini-prepped, cont. Callum Bailey
54 06/08/14 Testing promoter/RBS combination efficiency. Callum Bailey, Edward Muir
55 06/08/14 Testing promoter/RBS combination efficiency, cont. Callum Bailey, Edward Muir
56 07/08/14 Picking colonies from promoter/RBS combination transformations. Edward Muir, Callum Bailey
57 07/08/14 T. Cam experiment. Edward Muir, Callum Bailey
58 11/08/14 Promoter/RBS combinations again. Edward Muir, Callum Bailey
59 11/08/14 Promoter/RBS combinations again, cont. Edward Muir, Callum Bailey
60 11/08/14 Inoculation of enzymes for construct 001 and 003. Edward Muir, Callum Bailey
61 12/08/14 Inoculation of enzymes for construct 001 and 003, cont. Edward Muir, Callum Bailey
62 12/08/14 Transformation of a sample promoter/RBS combination. Callum Bailey
63 12/08/14 T. Cam experiment for solvents and ether. Edward Muir
64 13/08/14 Combination transformation results and construct testing. Edward Muir
65 13/08/14 Putting oligos into GFP and RFP. Edward Muir

These lab book photos are a record of how we produced our synthetic bacterium. All experiments after this point are recorded in their relevant lab reports.

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