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We'd like to thank all those who have helped us over the summer, not only for making iGEM possible but also for making it incredibly fun.

Mezzanine Laboratory

  • Dr Thomas Howard, Shell Open Innovation Independent Research Fellow, assisted us in designing our DNA constructs as well as offering advice on lab techniques
  • Dr Paul James, Research Fellow, supervised our lab techniques as well as aiding us in protocol design
  • Dr Elizabeth Dridge, Associate Lecturer/Associate Research Fellow, assisted us with our stakeholder meetings as well as helping shape our beyond the bench ideas
  • Dr Christine Sambles, Postdoctoral researcher, offered guidance and assistance on wiki construction and project design
  • Dagmara Kolak, Laboratory Manager, gave us general guidance on best practice in the lab and ensured our experiments were designed and carried out safely.
  • Dr Chloe Singleton, Research Fellow, assisted us greatly with general advice on lab technique.
  • Dr Hannah Florance, Senior Experimental Officer, assisted in the design and construction of our HPLC experiments.
  • Mr Steven Brown, Postgraduate Research Student, assisted greatly with the research, design and completion of the kill switch experiments.
  • Peggy Dousseaud, Postgraduate Research Student, assisted with understanding of laboratory equipment.
  • Mr Maciej Trznadel, Collaborative Research Fellow with AstraZeneca, assisted in the construction and interpretation of our HPLC experiments

The Physics Department

  • Mrs Ellen Green, Biophysics Laboratory Manager, assisted us with the use of the Raman laser microscope.
  • Professor Peter Winlove, Professor of Biophysics, assisted us in modelling diffusion across a membrane and the design of the Raman experiments.
  • Ryan Edginton, Postgraduate Research Student, as a previous iGEM team member offered insight, advice and support with timing and wiki construction.


    We would like to thank our artist Eve O'Brien for her incredible designs used on our website. For more information and to see more of her work please go to Eve Illustration

Exeter | ERASE