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Because the experts' opinion is a priority

Dr. Suárez

Dr. Daniel Suárez is an associated professor at Universidad de los Andes in Medicine Faculty. We decided to interview him because of his masters in bioethics and his position as professor of medical ethics. We believe that his point of view is important and relevant in the further development of synthetic biology because he can deliver us an overview of the ethical implications in the subject of tempering with genetic material and its consequences for science and society itslef.

María Consuelo Vanegas, Msc.

Maria Consuelo Vanegas López is an Associate Professor in Microbiology at the Universidad de los Andes. She is involved in two research groups in this university: Food Microbiology(LEMA, which she is its director) and other one in Department of Chemistry, which studies Aromaticity and Agronomy/Food science. She is a microbiologist from Universidad de los Andes and did a Master in Microbiology at the same university. She also holds an specialization in Quality Control of Food Microbiology at the university mentioned adove. We were interested in interview her because she manages most researches about Food Microbiology in our university. Her opinion and knowledge were also important to us because she works with another institutions like the government, testing problems or the quality of different products.

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