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Human Practices

We are aware that Policy and Practice (Human Practices before) is the place where all questions beyond the bench are developed. This year we had a lot of questions beyond the bench! For this reason we designed five approaches aimed to respond these questions (see the figure below). Each approach has several activities that, together, give the needed answers. Our approaches are not isolated to each other, they give a feedback, not only among them, but directly to the whole project as well. You are welcome to explore this page and find the answers together!

HP COlombia.jpg

Low-Budget Lab Contest


Money could be a serious problem for research when it is not available. That's why this year we devise a new approach on Human Practice as a way to develop cheap but also efficient processes to be used in any molecular biology laboratory. At the same time we take advantage of this idea for collaborate with other iGEM teams around the world, this in a little and fun contest that allow us to get a big set of interesting ideas.

Our slogan: "Money is always a problem when we want to work at lab. We whish it'd come down from the sky whenever we need it"

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Interviewing Experts

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.05.19 PM.png

The experts' opinions is always a priority for us. In this opportunity we talked to experts in Food Microbiology and Ethics. Their comments were used as a source of feedback and improvment for the project.

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and Ethical Issues


Because of our project is aimed to create a easy use kit to detect V. cholerae in foods and water is very important to have the opinion of whom would be the final users, that means the marine food and water industry. With the goal to get a feedback form them, we perform interviews about the viability of our idea. We also perform a deep analysis about the context of our project, focusing in economic and ethical issues.

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Now, we have our outreach. In this part of our Human Practice we talked to every kind of people about Synthetic Biology, iGEM, food-transmitted diseases (as cholerae is one of them) and our project using several fun ways to do it. In addition we inquire, for the first time, why our team (Universidad de los Andes) has been the only Colombian team during four years, while other latin american countries have several iGEM teams. Do other Colombian universities know about iGEM? Do they research in synthetic biology? Take a look of this section!

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At last, but not less important...According to “Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio”, the institution in Colombia responsible of issuing patents in our country, it is a privilege that is given to an inventor as an acknowledgment for his/her contribution to the humanity. In science this is an aspect that we have to considerer and respect because it affects all of us. Then, in this section we show you every patent related to our project so you can understand how Sherlock coli may works in real life.

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