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All memebers of our team are students at Universidad de los Andes, they are involved in different areas of knowledge such as Science (Chemistry, Physics and Microbiology), Engineering and Medicine. Moreover, our team participants are from diferrent academic levels, between us you will find freshman, final year, and even graduate students. Each of us made important contributions in every part of our project (Laboratory, Mathematical Models and Human Practice). You will find a complete profile of each member on the link: Member's page, in which you will be able to find the profile of our advisors Juan Manuel Pedraza and Silvia Restrepo, whose advice was of great importance for us.

Our laboratories

All our work was carried out on Biophysics Lab at Universidad de los Andes, a research lab BSL 2 which is directed (among others) by our advisor Juan Manuel Pedraza. We also used bacterial strains, reagents and equipment from Mycology and Plant Disease Laboratory at Universidad de los Andes (LAMFU), directed by our advisor Silvia Restrepo. Often we received invaluable help and advice for other research laboratories, such as some reagents from the Laboratory of Organic Synthesis, Bio and Organocatalysis (Chemistry Department, Universidad de los Andes) or assistance in the using of fluorescence microscope by Optics Research Lab. You can find all about safety on the Safety page.


This year we work with several teams! There is strength in numbers!

Our principal source of collaborations was Low Budget Lab iGEM Challenge.

In addition we collaborate with Paris Bettencourt team sending sweat samples. And with Dallas Team, talking of a possible common point in our projects, because both are focused on V. cholerae and it would be possible to join with them to create a super anti-cholerae tool: With our detection system and their attack system (based on phages).

The following table sums up the collaboration we made with other teams:

Colombia Collabs.png


We want to thank:

Dr. Suárez and María Consuelo Vanegas, MSc. for their time and opinions in the You can find all about safety on the Interviews.

Nathaly, Jorge, Isa, Lina, Alejandro and all people in Biophysics lab. You made our project. possible.

Lina Contreras, Indira Leon and Alejandro Otero for your invaluable collaboration in our Bake Sale.

Maloka Foundation for invite us to Science's Carnival.

Dr. Diego Gamba, for your collaboration in getting arabinose, lactose and DMSO.

Sergio Triana, for helping us to give an electric shock to our cells xD

Our advisors, off course! (see: Members.)

Our sponsors!! :)

Any other person who has helped us in any other way.


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