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Do it yourself!

We are glad to present this year a new idea that has filled our hearts with enthusiasm and happiness.

The past years we were able to win the prize for best mathematical model in the regional competition, as the result of our effort to develop ways to predict how system's dynamics would be without having the experimental results. We think that the key to have a good mathematical model is to have a multidisciplinary team.

In our particular case we have the opportunity to gather students from our different faculties, for instance we have physics, engineering, mathematics, and biologist. However, it was not easy to collect all this minds, and in our previous experiences we could see that other teams had the same problem. Moreover some teams liked our models and wanted us to share our expertise and knowledge.

Thus, we understood that the issue was how we could share our knowledge and expertise with all teams and not just two or three teams who reach as through email.

With this in mind we decided to develop a mathematical model tutorial that was simple and very easy to understand independent of the readers. Our idea is to share our expertise in such a way that anyone is able to develop a mathematical model by following some simple steps.

Down you will find the .pdf file with the instructions needed to change MatlabĀ® files, which are in the .zip.

File:Do it Yourself.pdf

Col Doit.jpg

Col matalb.jpg

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