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  • Deadline: 08/oct.
    • Final text
  • Deadline: 12/oct
    • Final review by Claire.

Skype sessions

  • Aalto-Helsinki about iGEM in general. This year is their first time participating in iGEM so we gave some advice and answered their questions regarding iGEM.

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  • Colombia about low-budget biology experiments. Colombia has asked iGEM teams to come up with cheap and easy ways to conduct biology experiments - our team has stepped up to the challenge as well.
  • York about our project and our view on women in science. York has gathered opinions from different iGEM teams on the matter, to see the similarities and differences between different iGEM teams on the matter, as well as women's roles in the teams themselves.


We have completed the following surveys from various teams.

Experimental materials exchanges

  • Plasmids
    • pJBEI6409 (coding for MEV pathway enzymes to produce limonene from glucose in E. coli) provided by Taek Soon Lee from the Joint BioEnergy Intitute (Emeryville, USA)
    • plasmid (coding for GES gene) provided by Marc Fischer, from the Grapevine Secondary Metabolism team of the 'grapevine health and wine quality' research unit (Colmar, France)
  • We applied Bettencourt's sweat patches. Bettencourt is collecting sweat samples from many people in order to study a wide variety of body odors. The patches are placed under the armpits (on the inside of the sleeves) and worn for a day, then detached from the clothes.
  • Lyon provided us with a 3D-printed lemon mold. This will help us give the shape of our "lemon".
  • Antoine and company conducted interviews with 25 11th-graders for Lyon.


Co-authored newsletters with Bettencourt, Brawijaya, CAU China, Colombia, ETH Zurich, Göttingen, LIKA-CESAR-Brasil, Nagahama, NEAU-Harbin, NJU-QIBEBT, Purdue, Sheffield, SJTU-BioX-Shanghai, Stanford-Brown-Spelman, SYSU-China, Technion-Israel, Tianjin, Tongji, Tsinghua-A, UCSF&UCB, USTC China, Valencia UPV, Warsaw, WHU-China, XMU-China, ZJU-China (issue 3).

Abstract translations

In order to spread our message to non-English speakers we sought the help of the following teams to translate our abstract in various languages. Thank you for your help.

French Meetup

2 August - 3 August on our campus. Co-organized (presentations, ethics discussion, food, lodging, sports, party) with the other Parisian teams.