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iGEM Team TU Eindhoven 2014

iGEM Team TU Eindhoven 2014

Fluorescence Microscopy

In addition to the FACS results a confocal microscope was used to visualize the fluorescent cells. FACS results confirmed that the DBCO-PEG4-5/6-TAMRA molecules were clicked to the cells. The microscope assay was just an additional assay whose results could be used for presentations. In the following figures the images taken by the confocal microscope are shown.

The intensity of the pixels in the figures below gives an indication of the amount of fluorescence. The black pixel (0) means no fluorescence at all, the white (1) one represents the maximum relative fluorescence.

Figure 1. Image of 3 fluorescent bacteria,
taken with a magnification of 3.2x.
Figure 3. Image of the 2 fluorescent bacteria
seen in Figure 1. A magnification of 36.7x
was used.
Figure 2. Image of the fluorescent bacterium
seen in figure 1 (right). A magnification of
42.2x was used
iGEM Team TU Eindhoven 2014