Team:TU Eindhoven/Medal Motivations


iGEM Team TU Eindhoven 2014

iGEM Team TU Eindhoven 2014

Bronze Medal

  • We have registered our iGEM Team, had a great summer and plan to have a great time at the Giant Jamboree.
  • We have completed and submitted our Judging Form.
  • We have created and shared a description of our project using our Wiki and our parts using the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.
  • We are working on our poster and presentation, which will be presented at the Giant Jamboree.
  • We have documented our Attributions and Acknowlegdements.
  • We have documented three new BioBricks: BBa K1492000, BBa K1492001, BBa K1492002

Silver Medal

Gold Medal

  • We have improved the function and ease-of-use of BBA_K811005. See the Registry Page of COMPy for more information.
  • We have described our approach for creating the Application Scenarios we wrote for the Synergene project of our project.


  • We collaborated with the Rathenau Institute in the Synenergene project to create techno-moral vignettes and application scenarios of our project.
  • We collaborated with the Dutch Institute of Health and Environment (RIVM) and the other Dutch iGEM teams to hold discussions on the chances and opportunities of synthetic biology with policy makers.
iGEM Team TU Eindhoven 2014