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iGEM Team TU Eindhoven 2014

iGEM Team TU Eindhoven 2014

Workshop Game

“De Nieuwste School” is a high school in the Netherlands, there we presented our game to students between 15 and 17 years old who followed biology courses. We started with a short introductory presentation on the iGEM competition, our team and next we introduced the game. For more information on the game see the promotion video below.

Figure 1. Presenting our game and project.


During the presentation, supplemented with a short animation on synthetic biology (found below), the students asked a lot of questions about what happens inside a lab, how the process of designing DNA goes and lot of other technical questions. They were really engaged and seemed very interested.

The Game

When we presented the game , it made the students discuss the different possibilities of synthetic biology and gave a lot of opportunity to explain more about synthetic biology.

The first three levels gave a good overview of the basics for designing a plasmid. The fourth and fifth levels gave the first real challenge and an impression of the many possibilities of synthetic biology. The last three levels were a bit too complicated, the students needed a lot of help to solve the first of the three and were not able to solve the rest. The game might need some more instructions or hints at the last levels to give players a better chance of completing it. At the end the students really thought they had a better understanding of what synthetic biology is and why it is such an important field of study.

Click here to download the game

Figure 2. Students busy playing the game.
iGEM Team TU Eindhoven 2014