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iGEM Team TU Eindhoven 2014

iGEM Team TU Eindhoven 2014

Media Attention

TU/e Press

We have been in contact with a science information officer of the TU/e press, that showed enthusiasm towards our project and iGEM in general. Unfortunately, any publication resulting from this talk will not be published in time to be published here.

TU/e Facebook Reporters

On the 7th of October it was quite busy in our BioLab, since the film crew of the TU/e Facebook Reporters was present. The TU/e Facebook Reporters make short video reports on research projects and daily life in and around the campus. The aim of these video reports is to not only show to the students and employees of University of Technology in Eindhoven what is happening on the campus grounds, but also to high school students and other youth that have an interest in technology what life at TU/e is like. An afternoon of filming resulted in some nice shots and hopefully a clear view on synthetic biology and our project. The video report will soon be available on the YouTube channel of the TU/e Facebook Reporters. Below a preview of the video report is shown.

Dutch Biotechnology Association

The Dutch Biotechnology Association (NBV) has sent an update of the projects of all dutch iGEM teams in the October edition of their newsletter. The Dutch Biotechnoloy Association is an association of professionals in the area of applied Life Sciences and aims to promote an intergrated approach of scientific disciplines when it comes to biological systems. The full article “iGEM: Nederlandse teams vol zelfvertouwen aan de slag” is available in Dutch.


We were interviewed by a science journalist of Kennislink about our ‘Click Coli’ project and the iGEM competition. Kennislink is a Dutch website where scientific information is presented in an accessible manner. The target audience of Kennislink consists mostly of children and students. Just like last year Kennislink wishes to publish an article on their website about synthetic biology, the iGEM competition and the projects of all dutch iGEM teams. Hopefully, it will soon be made available here.


C2W (Chemisch2Weekblad) has contacted us for an interview since they had a special interest in writing an article about click chemistry and its potential. C2W is the official organ of the Royal Dutch Chemical Society (KNVC). Each fortnight a new C2W magazine is issued that reports on all relevant news on scientific, technological and economic developments in the field of chemistry, life sciences, process technology and (bio) molecular sciences. The article on click chemistry and our project is planned for issue number 20, which will appear on the 28th of November this year.


The article on click chemistry that will be published in the C2W magazine, will also appear on the 14th of November in the 9th edition of Mens&Molecule. Mens & Molecule (MeMo) is the membership magazine of the Royal Flemish Chemical Society (KVCV) (in Dutch). Mens & Molecule appears 10 times per year in nine editions, with the September issue being a double number. MeMo informs the readers about recent developments in chemistry and related disciplines such as instrumentation, life sciences, process technology, laboratory technology and molecular sciences.


Cursor is the biweekly magazine of the Eindhoven University of Technology (circulation: 7,000) and the number-one website for news related to TU/e. We have been asked for an interview by a Cursor reporter and an article on iGEM and our project will appear on the research pages in the next issue (Cursor 5).

iGEM Team TU Eindhoven 2014