Bronze medal requirements

  • Team registration.
  • Complete Judging form.
  • Team Wiki.
  • Present a poster and a talk at the iGEM Jamboree.
  • The description of each project must clearly attribute work done by the students and distinguish it from work done by others.
  • Document at least one new standard BioBrick Part or Device used in your project/central to your project and submit this part to the iGEM Registry.

Silver medal requirements

  • Experimentally validate that at least one new BioBrick Part or Device of your own design and construction works as expected.
  • Document the characterization of this part in the “Main Page” section of that Part’s/Device’s Registry entry.
  • Submit this new part to the iGEM Parts Registry.
  • Articulate at least one question ! encountered by your team, and describe how your team considered the(se) question(s) within your project. Include attributions to all experts and stakeholders consulted.

Gold medal requirements

  • Improve the function OR characterization of an existing BioBrick Part or Device (created by another team or your own institution in a previous year), enter this information in the Registry.
  • Help any registered iGEM team from another school or institution by, for example, characterizing a part, debugging a construct, or modeling or simulating their system.
  • Describe an approach that your team used to address at least one of these questions. Evaluate your approach, including whether it allowed you to answer your question(s), how it influenced the team’s scientific project, and how it might be adapted for others to use (within and beyond iGEM).
Check out our judging form for more informations
You can download our safety sheet here