Teambuilding Events

Raft Building and Floating

As we had a lot of fun inside in our lab, we mostly saw nice artificial light. To change this, we decided to go out and expose ourselves to the sun and have more good time together in an unusual habitat. Beside some other ideas it became clear that we would take action and build up several rafts on the Möhlin, a small river near Freiburg. At the beginning we had only 12 blue barrels, a few planks and ropes and also no idea how to build up a floating thing out of these components. But after around 75 minutes and with a little advice, we had our rafts ready to sail. We started with a hesitant tryout but as time flies by, we felt safer and became venturesome. As a conclusion we ended up with capsized rafts and soggy sailors. However and possibly even because of these incidents we had unbridled fun! In addition, the weather was with us as it was raining during the arrival and also 15 minutes after we came off our rafts. At the same time we did something for our environment and rescued small hatchlings from drowning.

Building phase

Water fun

Cute little hatchlings


iGEM Freiburg Quiz

iGEM is not only about hard work. It's also about learning new things and having fun! For this reason we developed an Android App which allows users to improve their iGEM and SynBio knowledge in a joyful fashion.

Our app, coded by some of the most talented programmers on earth, utilizes intricate algorithms and a tasteful design to raise learning experience to the next level.

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  • Tasteful design!

  • Many interesting questions.

  • Achievements.

  • Highscore.

  • Further improvements until the Jamboree.