The AcCELLerator


Ms. Dr. Nicole Gensch

We'd like to thank Ms. Dr. Nicole Gensch, head of BIOSS' Toolbox. The Toolbox is a BIOSS internal provider of plasmids, agar plates, buffer, LB media, cell lines or antibodies. She's one of our instructors and provided us always with knowledge and lab materials. Not alone she gave us great advices but had the creative idea for our logo! With her alert mind, she had a strong influence on our weekly meetings and lab methods.

Mr. Dr. Max Ulbrich

Max Ulbrich, head of AG Ulbrich at BIOSS, is our main source of advice. His proposals and critiques showed us many times, where we had to improve our experiments, what aspects were very important or in which direction the project should go on. Furthermore he used his connections to other university groups to get us plasmids or contact persons. As the lab time began he equiped us missing stuff. Later on he lent us almost everything what we had need of helped us in the lab.

Anne Müller, Patrick Gonschorek, Lisa Schmunk (AG Weber), Natalie Louis (AG Warscheid)

All four are iGEM veterans. They participated in 2013 and were very successful. From the beginning they helped us with advices and opinions to our ideas and lab methods and were in every meeting. Additional they stayed in the lab with us during many nights.

Konrad Müller (AG Weber)

Not only the AG Weber is an expert in the field of synthetic biology but it's leaded by Germany's first professorship of synthetic biology, Prof. Wilfried Weber. Konrad Müller is a Post-Doc at AG Weber. He supplied us with plasmids, light boxes and always answered our many questions.

Christoph Volkmann

For his support regarding production of viral particles and their concentration.

Kathrin Kläsener (AG Reth)

She helped us with her knowledge about cell culture.

Giulia Mizzon

For her help with the confocal microscope.

Kari Reuleuke & Katrin Pensold

They work both at the BIOSS administration and helped us in many things, which happened besides the lab. Ms. Reulecke registered our team and was a great help especially in the beginning. Katrin Pensold is BIOSS financial minister. She made sure that we filled out any forms and gave us monetary advices.

Martin Senk

Martin Senk is a friend of one team member. He's a genious in programming and was a very great help in writing our wiki.

Pablo Grassi

Pablo Grassi's passion is philosophy. He provied us not only us with advices in ethical questions but the last teams too.

Dr. Joachim Boldt

Dr. Joachim Boldt is well known researcher in ethical questions regarding synthetic biology and has published several essays about upcoming issues considering this new field of research.

AG Brummer

We thank AG Brummer for providing us a plasmid containing the receptor's gene