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2014 FDI conference in New-Delhi, India

First to the left is chairman of education of APDF, in the middle is president of FDI, second to the left is chairman of ADS-ROC, and first to the right is dean of college of medicine of CSMU.

FDI, the World Dental Federation is hoping to become the authoritative, professional, independent, world-wide voice of dentistry. The FDI has been recruiting members of National Dental Associations to promote and bring optimal oral health to the world.

This year FDI’s Annual World Dental Congress was held in New-Dehli,, India. During this four-day conference, our team was honored to have HOPE presented to the president Wong of FDI, the chairman of education of APDF, and the chairman of ADS-ROC. They were quite interested with our project. HOPE is tackling the oral hygiene problem from the genetic level, which in the past was done by brushing teeth and applying fluoride. It is a brand new approach and may be able to improve the oral hygiene conditions of the world.