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  • Form a team.
  • Complete judging form.
  • Constructed fancy Wiki page.
  • Poster and talk were readied for Giant Jamboree.
  • Several Biobricks were built, improved and documented by our team.


  • Experimentally validate Biobricks of our team design and construct were as expected success.
  • We've documented and characterized parts in the iGEM main page section and part’s registry.
  • Submit new parts to iGEM part Registry.
  • We valued our project heavily in the aspect of bettering human oral hygiene, therefore, we visited the chair of ADS-ROC (Association for Dental Science of the Republic)


  • Improved the integrity of existing parts and documented several function test of our new part and existing parts.
  • Mutual collaborated with NTU_Taida team on lab data.
  • Launch an Oral Excursion Team in order to promote and spread ideas about synthetic biology and our project HOPE (Human Oral Protection for Everyone), Scientific American magazine also one of our article about iGEM ,about HOPE and NYMU-Taipei.
  • Consulted with the committee of FDI World Dental Federation, and they decided to promote HOPE at this year’s dentist world assembly.


  • Meets wiki requirements
  • Interactive mascot guide, Toothy
  • Dynamic loading pages, which results in more smooth while loading pages


  • Try new methods of parts and project simulation
  • Help wet lab in results prediction and parameter finding