Team Members

Zhang Junjie(张俊杰) Two years ago, a senior, Last year, a freshman of graduate and now he is a Second Grade student of graduate, majoring biochemistry and molecular biology. It’s the third year to attend iGEM, from the team member to captain and establish the first iGEM team of SCUT. This year, His role in team is charging in project design and there have severe interesting the technology support and the team routine, including giving new technology presentation, organizing weekly SCUT-IGEM meeting and keeping track of what everybody is doing, etc. Particularly worth mentioning is that besides this “The Forgotten Corner”, there have several interesting project in our brainstorm, pathogenic entero-becteria inhibitor system and Mess production of antimicrobial peptide through fimbria. He loves life, loves science and would like to challenge himself such as long-distance running and climbing. “iGEM is excellent team and I’m so glad to go along with them on this summer; iGEM is not only a competition, but you can get precious friendship for forever”.

Peng Ye(彭也) nick-named Pear, a junior majoring in biopharmacy, is in charge of the project on outer mitochondrial membrane, the quantification of promoter activity and the routine management work of lab. He`s a sunny boy, full of enthusiasm in life, hardworking in study and curious and cautious in lab. Owing to his multi-dimensional personality, we have our project going well and, concurrently, feel happy while working.

Fan Chuyao(范楚珧) a hard working girl with an optimistic attitude toward life, is a 3rd year Biopharmacy major. Enticed by the sheer comfort and quietness, she enjoys being in lab. Her work consists of pathway construction of n-butanol and final production detection. She likes the interdisciplinarity and the enormous range of possibilities offered by synthetic biology, which is also the reason why she joined in iGEM.

Wang Xiuyuan(王修源), taking charge of the design team as a whole and coordinating each part of the work in order, is the crucial WIKI designer and editor. From a layman to a professional of webpage making, he established a design team of four and acted as a headman for 2014 IGEM team of South China University of Technology. Under Wang's executive, his group worked industriously on WIKI, with PPT as an onset. Taking step by step, as a result of clarified division and efficient cooperation of, they sophisticatedly design uniforms and posters for the IGEM. Wang feels honored to become one of the IGEMers, in this team, like he said :"I can not only show my talents for editing skills as well as contribute my ideas on design, but also meet with gifted and competent peers here. I feel good to strive for the same goal together."

Chen Zhanru (陈湛如) is a junior majoring in biopharmacy. This is the first year he being with iGEM and he spent the whole summer focusing on the fluoresent proteins for testing whether scaffold proteins could locate in out mitochodrial membrane with the help of leading peptide Tom22. He also devoted his time to designing the schematic models of pathways of our project using Adobe Illustrator CS6. He enjoys singing, reading and watching animate. Though spent much time in lab, he felt happy having the opportunity to join a student-driven research team. This guy hopes to be an excellent scholar in this field.

Hu Weipeng(胡伟澎) majoring in bioengineering, is responsible for the construction of the metabolic pathway of n-butanol and the make sure the leading peptide work. He calls himself “weapon”.On the one hand ,its pronunciation is similar to “weipeng” ,on the other hand, it means that he is a sword that can cut the difficulties in pieces. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, What doesn’t kill you makes you a fighter” is his faith and that is the source of his strength which push him through uncountable obstacles. He loves labs, he loves experiments, he loves biology and , once he decides to do something, nothing can stop him.

Pan Xueman(潘雪曼) majoring in industrial design, is a member of designing. For interest, I approach the design. For interest, I enjoy the design. For interest, I fall in love with the design step by step.

Huang Xiaobin(黄晓彬) is an undergraduate student who has been majoring in Computer Science since 2013.He is responsible for the modeling part of the Rubisco.His dream is using computer to help people and to promote scientific research.That is why he major in Computer Science and take part in the iGEM team.He also likes listening to music very much.

Wang Zhizheng(王志铮) the only one coming from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Although I major in Chemistry, I am still obsessed with biology. So I join our SCUT iGEM team without hesitation. I love to make friends and talk with those who have the same dreams as I do. Thus I ask to be in charge of Human Practice part of our team initiatively. During one-year learning and working, I really develop myself a lot. And I am honored and glad to know such many nice partners. I hope to cooperate with them more and be a volunteer of synthetic biology and Igem in the future.

Ling Zhangyan (凌张炎) a junior at South China University of Technology, majoring in industrial design. I play a role of constructing and designing the wiki of our team, mainly responsible for the works related to visual design and I am also in charge of some exhibitions that associated with our work in order to make our work better represented.

Chen Rui (陈睿) is a senior, specializing in Bioengineering ( Biopharmaceutics). Warm-hearted, articulate and target driven, with rich experience and a strong commitment to biological research that’s the words we use to describe her. As her second participant in iGEM SCUT, she shows her deep love of Synthetic Biology which brings her enthusiasm for science and creativity. Her passions include photography and cooking.

Yang Bina (杨碧娜) a junior majoring in biopharmacy, is responsible for the construction of scaffold proteins, GBD, SH3 and PDZ. She set different ratios to obtain the most appropriate scale of them and get the best result. By the way, if you find she talking to bacteria, don`t feel strange. Yang believes she can communicate with the lovely bacteria. This is she, having strange ideas, but always bringing laughter.

Li Linzhou (李林洲) a junior looking toward a future in Biopharmacy, is a smart and good-natured guy. He is in charge of looking for the signal sequences and targeting sequences of kinds of membranes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In his spare time, he like singing and computer graphics. Maybe you will think he is a indoorsman, but on the contrary, he is actually a enthusiastic and easygoing man.

Zhao Yaran (赵亚冉) is a 1st year bioengineering student.He is also a youngest iGEMer in our team.In his free time,he enjoys listening to music and playing computer games.In our term,he and his partner,Linzhou Li,are in charge of cellular localization which is a huge challenge to a young boy. But he did it as his motto is”never give up”.

Zhou Shiyan (周诗雁) I major in Optoelectronic information science and Engineering. Now I am in my sophomore year at south china university of technology. I am usually curious what will happen in my future because I believe everything is possible as long as I have a try. So I join in iGEM and Iwant to have a new way to observe the field of biology and I am on the way.

Wu Yuhang (吴宇航) ,we can call her Kermit, now is in her third year of biotechnology as well as computer science learning, and this is her second time to participate in IGEM. Unlike last year, she takes charge of the n-butanol producing simulation. Her dream is to learn medicine in the future for the purpose of helping patients to alleviate their pain. Moreover, she is also interested in computer science while the IT industry is rapidly developing. She looks forward to find some way to combine IT with BT (biotechnology) perfectly which not only can let people easily get medical care but help scientists to discover the new world. In her spare time, she likes drawing and watching American drama.


Li Shuang (李爽) Li Shuang, an assistant professor of school of Bioscience and Bioengineering was the instructor of the team. She paid a lot time for our project. For instance , she has provided us with some instructive advice, new technology, fantastic lab materials and so on. Here we are eager to give her many thanks for her consideration.


Prof. Lin Ying

Prof. Pan Li

Liao Xihao

Gong Jianhui