SCUT team of 2014 gratefully acknowledges financial support from the following organizations and businesses:

Thank Dean Tan for providing Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope system and offering us suggestions about project and presentation.

Thank Prof. Lin Ying for providing Lab space and very large outlays.

Thank Prof. Pan Li for instructing project design .

Thank Prof. Wang Jufang for providing Lab space and supporting Junjie's work.

Thank Prof. Liu Xingguo, a scholar in Guangzhou Insritutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences, for providing us Mito Tracker @ Red CMXRos and giving us some advice on how to control the number and the size of mitochondria.

We also highly thank the following faculties and seniors for their help during summer vacation:

Thank Fan Yiwen for providing Lab space and gaving some advice about Lab management.

Dr. Yang Xiaofeng gave a lecture about molecular clone for us.

Dr. Li Cheng provided us tech supply and some competent cells, Top10.

Dr. Wang Meng provided us experimental stuff that bring convenience for our project implement.

Wu Zhiqiang helped us to test ethanol titers by HPLC system. Thanks a lot.

Thank Huang Lijie for instructing us to use Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope system.

Huang Xiongliang helped us to get over some experimental problems.

Wang Zeyuan, a girl from China Academy of Art, helped us polish the logo and wiki.

We also highly thank Associate Prof. Marco Pistolozzi, Su Hao and Dr. Suoyukai; thanks SCUT-China's captain, Liao Xihao and all SCUT-China members.