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Jun. 16th 2014
This is the first time that we have presented our project to the group of faculties we invited, who come from different departments and labs. We introduced our project and discussed the main idea of our project, "Comparmentalization"with them. And we learned a few of significant suggestions.

Jul. 10th 2014
On this day, we sent a delegate of our team to Hong Kong to communicate with the iGEM team members of the universities in Hong Kong.

Jul. 12th 2014
Wang Zhizheng met the head of the project of CUHK. We have a very fruitful discussion and a nice lunch in Shanheng College. We have a deep-going talk about the problems we faced in the experiments and the solutions and how to design a fantastic project. We gained some useful advice and experience. Meanwhile we talked about the expenses of the project.

This day, we had a online communication with the team leader of HKU. It is so nice of him to talk with us after a tired travel. We mainly talk about the team construction and HP work. We also exchange our own opinions about the development and continuity of iGEM team. Afterwards, we often have online talks with each other. It’s of great efficiency.

We determined to cooperate with the Innovation Club for Science and Technology of SCUT. We planned to use their “Wechat” public platform to issued our original electronic magazine,”iGEM Life”. The club is the biggest academic innovation club for science and technology, which is affiliated to Dean’s Office. Its public platform has a lot of members including students, teachers and staffs, which enjoys a high level of popularity. So we planned to use its great impact to introduce synthetic biology and iGEM. We planned to issue 2-3articles every 5 days.

Two delegates of GENEWIZ were invited to our lab. We showed them around our labs and told them our project and what we were doing. We introduced synthetic biology and iGEM to them in order to gain some donation. Finally, we really gained their donation.

On the third day after issuing the magazine, we selected randomly 50 readers and we let them do a questionnaire of which the title is “Knowing and Approving Degree Questionnaire of Synthetic Biology and iGEM”. We planned to keep in touch with them continuously and talked with them. After finishing reading the whole articles we issued, we would ask them to do the same questionnaire again to test the effect of our promotion.

Our team leader, Zhang Junjie and our head of HP, Wang Zhizheng went to Wuhan to participate in the Central China iGEMers’ Meet-up held by HZAU iGEM team. This meeting attracts 16 teams from 17 different universities in total. Two days’meeting seems very short, and we all missed everyone so much. Two seniors coming from Peking University and Ocean University of China made two helpful and fantastic reports for us. And then each team make a presentation to show their project. We all learned, discussed and communicated a lot together.
What’s more, we made good friends with many iGEMers such as WHU, OUC, HZAU,LZU and so on. After meeting, we also visited HAZU team’s lab, the beautiful scenery of their campus and city, meanwhile we tasted many kinds of local delicious foods. What made us moved deeply was that we all gathered together in Wuhan for one dream, for better iGEM project. The experience was very precious and unforgettable to us!

On this day, we were honored to be invited to BGI to visit their synthetic biology labs. We met their head of synthetic biology department, Gong Jianhui. He showed us around the whole labs and other biology departments. We introduced our idea and project to him ,and he gave us many helpful suggestions. He also introduced what his labs did now, and how they promote their idea and products of synthetic biology.

We invited the same professors as those on Jun. 16th to our meeting room. We repeated our project and the recent achievements to us. And then let them fill in the same approving degree questionnaire. We received more suggestions and more approval.

Jun. 16th 2014
On the same day, we released the first questionnaire towards the faculties who are engaged in the area of bioscience research. The title is Approving Degree Questionnaire of The iGEM Project of Cellular Compartmentalization. The questionnaire aims at reflecting the approving degree of our idea.

Jul. 11th 2014
Our head of HP section named Wang Zhizheng met the team members of HKUST including their instructor, King.L.Chow, advisor, team leader, the head of HP section. We talked about many things including some macro contents such as project, team construction, HP work and the outlay. Besides, we also discussed some concrete contents such as the modeling software we used, the design of the main gene circuit, the schedule and so on. We feel so grateful for their king consideration!

Our team leader named Zhang Junjie and another two delegates made a wonderful report for almost 500 teenagers and high school teachers who comes from five different provinces. We introduced synthetic biology, iGEM competition and our project to them. It aroused their great interests. Many high school students said they wanted to major in biology and participated in iGEM competition in the future.

On this day, we joined iGEM China Community. Here are a lot of iGEMers around China. We usually discuss some experiment problems with them.

On this day, we issued the first article through Wechat Public Platform. We introduced our writing plan of the magazine. It mainly contains six parts, “iGEM STORY””iGEM KNOWLEDGE”” iGEM PEOPLE”” iGEM COMMUNICATION ”” iGEM THINKING”” iGEM BILINGUALISM”. And some parts are designed for professional persons, while some parts for university students not majoring in biology, and other parts are intended for common people. What made us excited was the first article gained almost 700 people’s attention and some shows considerable interest in it at that night.

On this day, after we opened “Wechat”Public Platform, we built another two internet platform to introduce synthetic biology and iGEM competition. One is located in Renren, a famous Chinese social network and anther is located in Weibo, a famous Chinese micro blog just like Twitter. Here we are aim at attracting some enterprises’attention. For example, our sponsor GENEWIZ once interacted with our team.

The whole team members went to Shenzhen to have a communication with SUSTC and SFLS iGEM team. We introduced our own project, told the progress of experiment, asked a few problems and solutions. For the HP part, we also interviewed the student who is in charge of HP part.
SFLS is a high school team. They have finished the competition. They told some ture feelings and experience to us. It was pretty good.
In order to make this meeting better, the three main contact person had a long talk before it. The three also made good friends.

We issued again the same questionnaire about people’s knowing and approving degree towards synthetic and iGEM through our internet platform. Especially the 50 persons we once selected, We let them do the questionnaire again and then analyzed the change after getting our promotion.