Zhang Junjie

The leader of SCUT iGEM team, was responsible for constructing and managing the team, instructing team members to design and implement the project. He was also in charge of contacting with professors and seniors for us, and supervised the progress of all parts and tasks.

Butanol Part

Fan Chuyao, Hu Weipeng were involved in butanol part and made great contributions to constructing and optimizing the butanol pathway in inter-mitochondrial and cytoplasm.

CO2 Fixation Part

Peng Ye, Chen Zhanru, Yang Bina managed CO2 fixation part. Peng Ye was in charge of PRK, Rubisco and CA enzyme, Wang Zhizheng also made efforts to assist Peng Ye. Chen ZhanRu made brilliant contributions and devoted himself to testing the scaffold protein using fluorescent protein fused with ligand and he also helped Yang to construct the pathway of scaffold protein. Meanwhile he assisted design group in drawing some vivid pictures. As for Yang Bina, she was diligent and she made great efforts to construct different scaffold protein combinations in order to find the best one. She has created 32 biobricks in total.

Leading Peptide Part

Li Linzhou, Zhao Yaran made efforts on leading peptide of subcellular. From searching to experiment planning, they have done all of necessary things. And they really cooperated very well during the whole summer vacation.

Wiki and Logo Design Group

Wang Xiuyuan, Ling Zhangyan, and Pan Xueman have undertaken all the tasks of designing of the whole team. They did a lot work including logo, ppt templates, wiki and uniforms. Taking step by step, as a result of clarified division and efficient cooperation , they sophisticatedly design uniforms and posters for the IGEM.Wang feel honored to become one of the IGEMers, in this team, like he said :"I can not only show my talents for editing skills as well as contribute my ideas on design, but also meet with gifted and competent peers here. I feel good to strive for the same goal together."

Modelling Group

Huang Xiaobin, Wu Yuhang and Zhou Shiyan devoted their passion to modeling metabolic pathway to instruct our experiments. This group has a diversified background since the three members come from three different schools. Xiaobin majors in computer science, Yuhang majors in Biotech while Shiyan studies mathematics. Thus they provided more professional works for SCUT iGEM team.

Human Practice

The Human Practice part of this year is completely in the charge of Wang Zhizheng. He has determined the topic of HP, “Synthetic Biology Beautifies Our Life”. He designed a variety of methods to promote this topic and make knowledge of synthetic biology and iGEM. He has opened the internet communication platform, compiled our original magazine,”iGEM Life”, traveled to HongKong, Shenzhen, Wuhan and some places to communicate with other iGEM team. What’s more, he and his assistants also did two surveys to observe the change of others' attitude towards synthetic biology and iGEM. So he made considerable efforts and contributions to making HP part better.