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        "Rome was not built in a day." No matter which group we belong to, we took our work for almost a whole year. What did we do on earth? This notebook will show you in detail.













        In January, We began to know the concept of iGEM introduced by Wang Han and Prof. Yang and began to recruit our members.
We found some useful papers to create our own idea.




                After March, we began to design our logo, and human practice was kicked off. Xuejing Du began to design his survey and translate the questionnaire into English. Hongxia Zhao gave a lecture to young students. In April when serious benzene pollution burst in Lanzhou, we collect the news about that.



                After April, we began to look for appropriate voltmeter on the market and gave them an extensive evaluation. Finally, we chose the UNI-T UT800 Series of high precision digital bench-type multimeter because of its accurate performance. What's more to make the multimeter can work better with the computer, Xiao Zhang chose the Z-TEK RS232 to USB cable to link the voltage meters to the computer.

                After June in summer, we tried to design our software using LabView, meanwhile website designing was underway.



                When August came, we attend to CCiC, and started with survey result collection in China.

In September, we collected the results from UK and did the data analyses. For detail, please see our questionnaire link


                In September, Xiao released the second version of our application.


                In October, the result has been found by our group and we began to design our poster