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          The LZU-china iGEM 2014 team consists of 13 dedicated undergraduate students forming a large family. This year, it is our second year to attend iGEM. There is no doubt that we are all enthusiastic for researches and experiments. All of us have been looking forward to understanding more about life sciences.

          What's more there are also 4 instructors and 6 advisers in our team. With their instructions and advices, We can translate our ideas into reality much easier.


















          She is a senior student who loves life and takes great delight in scientific research. For one thing, she likes reading, swimming and playing badminton. She always spends her vacations in having journeys with her friends. For another, as a reliable people who have admirable learning and communication skills, she spares no effort to do her science research during working days.





         Xiao Zhang majoring in biological science is from Tianjin. As one of the most outstanding student leaders of Lanzhou University, he has many kinds of skills. He is really keen on science research, especially interested in functional genomics, microbiology, and bioinformatics. In our team, as the chief information officer, he developed the monitor program and build the automatic monitor system. In addition, he is also in charge of our wiki editing.






         Xuejing Du is one of the student leader of group members in our project. His interest is microbiology and behavioural sciences. It is he who has recruited the key members of this team and has brought a new concept to MFCs. He not only wrote over the 80% of the paperwork but also has done 90% of the artwork for wiki, poster and uniform. Human practice, which we thought a tough, sophisticated burden, was carried by him. In addition, he has designed a questionnaire and made a survey about people's attitude towards sewage treatment and the use of microbial fuel cells in China and UK.His creative ideas help us vastly. Now, he is preparing for the presentation in order to help our team to attend Giant Jamboree in October.




          She's a optimistic and outgoing girl always with her shining smile. As a graduating Lanzhou university student,she follows her motto"Action works more efficient than words"and devotes all her passion in every day.She doesn't have a graceful look as Venus but a strong will do live a great life.





Liyang Song


           Liyang Song said that its a great thing to devote his whole life to lifescience. to figure out why our world is so colorful is the most interesting thing to him. he said that,life is a struggle, im not the only one ,lifescience is a tangle, Im not the only one, but I'm the most proactive one.






          She is a senior undergraduate student in Lanzhou University. She was first drawn to iGEM because of its idea of systemic engineering of biology. Studying biology for almost for years make her realize the real practical power of biology lies in synthetic and systems biology, and bioengineering. As an advisor of the 2014 iGEM team of Lanzhou University, She is also going to be one of the presenters of our Microbial Fuel Cells in 2014 iGEM jamboree in Boston.







          Wanxiang Liu,grew up in Xi'an,an ancient capital of China, is a senior biological science base class in Lanzhou University. He devotes himself to learn and explore life science,and always pays attention to the forefront of scientific and technological developments.he has the extraordinary image processing skills and the ability of reading scientech documentation and also brought several important ideas for the team.In addition,he takes charge for assisting other dry experiment group members in some related work in this team, simultaneously participated some wet experiment group's working, so that it can provide a deeper view about the entire project.




         Yating Wang is a third year student in LZU studying Biology. She is taking much more interest in synthetic biology and biochemistry. Enriching knowledge and the debate of new ideas make her excited.That was why she joined the iGEM team to go beyond herself.






          Biyao Zhong is a sophomore majoring in biology in Lanzhou University currently.She has a great enthusiasm for her major and be strong-willed in doing experiment,also in her part of work and always wants to know why a thing happens like this.She know how to keep E.coli and shewanella and likes to read some book about science. She now enjoys the experience of synthetic biology, at the same time hopes could learn more from others.She likes violin and painting,and walking around to find plants and birds.






          Haotian Wang is a year 2 student majoring in Bioscience. He is a fan of Liverpool F. C. Being a good striker used to be his dream while he is now a sideback. He is so interested in synthetic biology that he always reads some articles before watching games. His favorite lab is in a basement and he can play with some humor seniors there.







         Ruixue Zhao, a student of Lanzhou University Cuiying honors College. She has gone to the university of Adelaide in South Australia for communication and study in the summer of 2013. And she also has studied how to feed the rats in lab in the autumn of 2013, besides, she went to the lab of biochemistry to learn how to do some biosynthesis. In free time, she likes playing badminton, running, and climbing mountains.





         Shengcang Zhu, undergraduate student of biology in Lanzhou University, is one of the most outstanding students in our college currently who have just acquired "National Endeavor Fellowship" twice( only 3% of the top students can acquire this fellowship). She is one of the iGEM-LZU members in 2014 because of her excellent skills in her major. In addition, her optimistic attitudes towards lives also encourage the group members vastly. There is no doubt that she is a fundamental member of us.






         Xiaofeng Xu, undergraduate student of Computer Science in Lanzhou University, is a sophomore currently. She is interested in math and biology. Data mining on EEG data and the nuclear magnetic resonance data is her favorite research topic. Unraveling the mysteries of the brain by using computer to cure the mental illness, like epilepsia, is her dream. She is preparing to go abroad to continue her study on the human brain, which are likely to be a really huge field in science soon. She is new in the research world but extremely motivated to learn and to succeed. Her motto is: Go to practice and you'll never regred.