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          The LZU-china iGEM 2014 team consists of 13 dedicated undergraduate students forming a large family. This year, it is our seconed year to attend iGEM. There is no doubt that we are all enthusiastic for researches and experiments. All of us have been looking forward to understanding more about life sciences.

          What's more there are also 4 instructors and 6 advisers in our team. With their instruction and advice, We can translate our ideas into reality much easier.















Vice dean Prof Huyuan Feng


        Prof. Huyuan Feng, Doctor of philosophy graduated in Lanzhou University, as the Vice Dean of School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, China will lead this team.  His present research subject is microbio strains living on Dunhuang Mogao Grotto and he devotes all his enthusiam to the study of protection of the historic treasure of the world - Dunhuang Frescoes. He is the ruler of us for the reasons that he is not only a professional expert of our topic but also an intelligent guide of all team.




Prof. Jinbo Yang


          Prof. Jinbo Yang, Doctor of philosophy graduated in Shanghai Research Institute of Biochemistry is also a member of Cuiying Scholar. He once worked as Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Research Associate Staff, Adjunct Staff and finally became a Consultant Staff in Lerner Research Institute, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation since 2001. He is an expert of tumor treatment and synthetic biology, and in 2013 he was the adviser of LZU-China in iGEM contest.



Prof. Xiangkai Li


        Prof. Xiangka Li, PhD of microbiology in the University of Oklahoma, is also a member of Cuiying Scholar. He worked as a postdoctor fellow in Baylor College of Medicine in America when finishing his PhD. And after that, he has been a professor in microbiology and doctoral advisor in Lanzhou University till now.




Prof. Yongxing He


          Prof. Yongxing He, bachelor of life science and doctor of molecular and biochemistry in University of Science and Technology of China, went to university of California ,Berkeley in 2011 for his postdoctor fellow in biophysics. When finishing postdoctor, he has been a professor in Lanzhou University till now.














Zhengjun Chen


        Zhengjun Chen (1985- ), male, is studying at Lanzhou University and pursuing a doctor's degree in microbiology. His main research interests are environmental microorganisms, and two papers have been published in SCI. He is also an adviser of iGEM team of Lanzhou University.




Rong Xu


          Rong Xu , born in July 1987, is a doctor candidate studying in Lanzhou University. She is an expert of heavy metal reduction and cellulose degradation using gene modified bacteria and she does enjoy her researches. Moreover, she helps us with her enthusiasm overcome many kinds of problems about our project. So we believe that she is one of the best advisors in our team-LZU CHINA to attend this competition.



Haiying Huang


      Haiying Huang (1989- ), male, master, main research aspect: The degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and the reducing of the hexavalent chromium by native microorganism . He has published an research paper . He has acquired merit student and scholarship several times during semesters. He was known as a cheerful personality around the laboratory .Currently, he serves as School graduate student Union Vice President . He also acts as advisers in iGEM team of Lanzhou University.



Han Wang


          Han Wang, was the team leader of LZU-China 2013, and she was a skillful experimenter and an excellent paper reader. Now, as the chief advisor of LZU-China 2014, she is our most powerful guide.



Xiaomeng Li


      Xiaomeng Li, was the primary contact and planner of LZU-China 2013, and he was a skillful wiki manager and an experienced Image processing manager. Now, as the second chief advisor of LZU-China 2014, he can always give us lots of amazing ideas.



Yaxin Pei


          She is currently a senior from Tianjin Normal University. And She'll continue her study in Lanzhou University. Doing her graduation design here gives her chance to be a advisor in our team. She may look like a quiet girl, but actually She is an adventurous person and so she loves doing challenging projects. Besides, She also likes exchanging ideas and thoughts with others, especially the knowledgeable people. .