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          The LZU-china iGEM 2014 team consists of 13 dedicated undergraduate students forming a large family. This year, it is our seconed year to attend iGEM. There is no doubt that we are all enthusiastic for researches and experiments. All of us have been looking forward to understanding more about life sciences.

          What's more there are also 4 instructors and 6 advisers in our team. With their instruction and advice, We can translate our ideas into reality much easier.













       In order to make sure our work can be carried out more efficiently, the members of our whole team are divided into three Groups, Wet Lab Group A,Wet Lab Group B group and Dry Lab Group. Each group has different missions. Wet Lab Group A's work is constructing new parts and synthetic bacteria. Group B's work is designing and running the MFC devices. Dry Lab Group's work is building the automatic monitor system ,building team cultural and team publicity.



Wet Lab Group A


           Wet lab group A is actually one part of our team whose duties are parts and synthetic bacteria constructions. What's more they are also in charge of our interlab.


      Studnet members:     Qi Wu(*) , Haotian Wang , Ruixue Zhao , Shengcang Zhu

      Instructor:                  Xiangkai Li

      Advisers:                     Rong Xu , Haiying Huang


* Qi Wu is the leader of the wet lab gruop A.


Wet Lab Group B


           Wet lab group B 's responsibilities are to design MFC device , run it and give the data which can tell the relationship between the contaminants concentrations and and the MFC output voltage.


      Studnet members:     Liyang Song(*) , Biyao Zhong , Hongxia Zhao , Yating Wang

      Instructor:                    Xiangkai Li

      Advisers:                     Zhengjun Chen , Yaxin Pei


* Liyang Song is the leader of the wet lab group B.


Dry Lab Group


           Dry lab group is in charge of all kinds of work outside the wet lab. In most cases, they are engaged in dealing with following responsibilities, such as programing , building the automatic monitor system, preparing scientific reports, building team cultural team publicity and huam practice.


      Studnet members:     Xuejing Du(*) , Xiao Zhang(**) , Wanxiang Liu , Xiaofeng Xu

      Instructor:                   Yongxing He


* Xuejing Du is our human practice manager. He designed our questionnaires. What's more he drew all the wiki materials and designed our posters.

** Xiao Zhang is our chief information officer. He developed the monitor program, and build the automatic monitor system. In addition, he is also in charge of our wiki editing.