iGEM Tongji 2014

Human Practice

Available during iGEM Jamboree. Please stay tuned.

We tightly communicate with several iGEM teams to improve our idea and appreciate their work.

With Shanghai JiaoTong University

On 19th April, we invited members from Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU) to have a mini iGEM communication meeting with us.

During the meeting, SJTU introduced iGEM competition and synthetic biology, shared their experience in team management, and discussed some last year's iGEM projects .

Thank SJTU for giving us a mini but meaningful iGEM communication meeting. We are looking forward to our further collaboration.

With Fudan University

On 8th June, We had another communication meeting with team Fudan. During our meeting, we introduced each other's project, and raised suggestion to the projects.

At the end, team Fudan seeked help from us, and we did all we can to help them.

You can watch our video on Youtube or Youku, or download from vimeo. Please enjoy our video!

During this summer, we provided assistance within our capacity to Fudan, another iGEM team. Fudan also help us.

We offer help to Fudan University on their iGEM project, including:

Assistance Item Detail
Provide a plasmid vector named ‘fvw-tet-oskm’
It is a plasmid containing the four Yamanaka factors(Oct4, Sox2, Klf4 and c-Myc), and the factors are connected with a T2A linker. It can be used to induce iPSCs.
Provide a plasmid vector named ‘fvw-tet-sox2’
It is a plasmid containing the gene, Sox2. It can be used to induce neuron stem cells.
Provide some significant information about cell cultivation
We provide the recipe of medium and the protocol for cultivating for neuron cells, iPSCs and neuron stem cells.
Help to solve some detailed problems
We also help them to solve some detailed problems, such as helping to choose markers for iPSc screening and recommending kits and reagents for their experiments.

Tongji University, 2014