iGEM Tongji 2014

Honors Room

Bronze Item Comments
Document at least one new standard BioBrick Part or Device used in your project/central to your project and submit this part to the iGEM Registry
①ManA1 ②ArfB ③XynB
Silver Item Comments
Experimentally validate that at least one new BioBrick Part or Device of your own design and construction works as expected.
Validation experiment conducted, please see Lab Archives.
Document the characterization of this part in the “Main Page” section of that Part’s/Device’s Registry entry.
Please see Lab Archives.
Submit this new part to the iGEM Parts Registry
Please see Lab Archives.
Your project may have implications for the environment, security, safety and ethics and/or ownership and sharing. Describe one or more ways in which these or other broader implications have been taken into consideration in the design and execution of your project.
Please see Safety.
Gold Item Comments
Improve the function of an existing BioBrick Part or Device
Synergy exploration
Help any registered iGEM team from another school or institution by, for example, characterizing a part, debugging a construct, or modeling or simulating their system.
Fudan owes us a big favour for lentivirus vector we gave them.

Please enjoy our story.

Basically, we are a self-funding team. Three of our team members paid the registration fee of $3500 at first, and then our college became willing to give us a experimental funding of $5000. And we paid the rest.

We are an independent group. We raised our own idea, we modified our idea, and we troubleshot the problems we encountered. And the reason we can technically survive without help from outside is we have talented core members, especially Mr.Jiang, who read mountains of papers and found solutions to many obstacles.

Almost all we present here, come from our team members officially listed. Technically, we don't have to say thank-you to someone from outside. You can find the detailed work of our team members below.

Carried out the pilot experiment of in-lab paper making process.
Carried out more than 80% of total experiment with Yixiao Zhou, including PCR, vector construction, transfection, positive selection, expression and purification of enzyme, bio-chemical validation of enzyme. He deserved to be our prior scientis, since he spent much of his private time and even working time on our project, and made several important decisions.
Participated in paper decoloring experiment and expression of enzyme.
Project initiator and investor, responsible for internal communication, team design and development of wiki. Participated in paper decoloring experiment.
Project initiator and investor, undertook the the complex administrative and logistics work.
Project initiator and investor, Carried out more than 80% of total experiment with Liang Jiang, including PCR, vector construction, transfection, positive selection, expression and purification of enzyme, bio-chemical validation of enzyme.
Undertook part of administrative work and participated paper decoloring experiment. And provided important suggestion on many occasions.
Carried out the cultivation of our thermophilic gene host bacterium (Clostridium stercorarium). Responsible for paper decoloring experiment and Safety paperwork.
Participated expression of enzyme.
Our advisor through the whole project. She intended to give us the chances to explore by our own, instead of feeding us the answer. We harvested a lot! Thank you!
Designed Synergy and Hot Resistance icons.
Designed Eco Friendly icon.
Designed Decolor Four cartoons and their bottle labels.
Inspired to join the next iGEM event.
Inspired to join the next iGEM event.

Thank our college for giving us ¥30,000 Funding. (Special thank to professor Zhiwei Cao)

Thank our dear professor FangLin Sun, Jianmin Fang and Jian Fei. They provided their lab place, equipments and reagent for us to carry out the experiment.

Thank to our graphic designers: Chenxi Jin, Haiyan Li and Siyuan Chen.

Tongji University, 2014