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New England iGEM

The First NEGEM meeting was held by the 2012 BostonU Team on September 15, 2012. Teams from MIT, Wellesley College, and Brown University joined the BU team for an afternoon of presentations to help the teams prepare for the iGEM Regional Jamboree in Pittsburgh.

Since the first NEGEM meeting was considered a huge success for preparing the teams for the "big stage", we decided to make NEGEM a Boston University Team Tradition!

The Second Annual NEGEM meet up was held by the 2013 BostonU Team on September 14, 2013. Once again, MIT, Wellesley College, and Brown University joined the BU team to get feedback and critiques on their presentations. Members of iGEM Headquarters joined us for the meet up, specifically Kim de Mora, Kitwa Ng, Karen Goebel, and Ana Sifuentes, and gave the teams some great feedback.

The Third Annual NEGEM meet up will actually be a 3-fold event spread throughout the course of the competition. On June 20, 2014, the 2014 BostonU Team will host the first of these three NEGEM meet ups. This first meet up will focus on discussing the teams' ideas and plans for the summer to give teams the chance to get feedback at the start of their projects. Dr. Traci Haddock, the BostonU Team Advisor, will also go through some of the "fine print" associated with iGEM and help answer questions from the new iGEM teams. We'll also discuss ways to collaborate with each other, including both experimental and policy and practices projects, and plan the future NEGEM meet ups.

So far, teams from BU, MIT, Harvard, Rutgers, Tufts, and Worcester Polytechnical Institute are participating in NEGEM 2014. Undergraduate researchers from Wellesley College will also be coming to brainstorm ideas for creating software tools for synthetic biology. Finally, representatives from iGEM Headquarters will be joining us, along with Measurement Track Chair, Dr. Jacob Beal, from BBN Technologies.

If you would like to participate, please contact Dr. Traci Haddock (thaddock at bu dot edu)!