Meetups:June Boston/Future


August Meetup
Currently, the plan is to have a second NEGEM meet up in mid to late August where teams will present their work and talk about progress and challenges. As the teams present, we'll have an open discussion about the Giant Jamboree presentations and posters, with the end result (hopefully) being a few ways for each team to present their work. We'll also discuss the new 2-page write-up required for this year's competition.

October Meetup
The October meet up will follow the format of the First and Second NEGEM meetings. Teams will come together for an afternoon (usually on a Saturday due to class schedules) to formally present their work in preparation for the Giant Jamboree. We'll also set aside time for each team to discuss their plans for their posters. Each team will leave this meet up with a stack of "feedback forms", which will be filled out by the other attendees. These forms have a handful of questions focusing on the clarity and aesthetics of the presentation, with a particular focus on how data is presented.