an optimized characterization workflow for synthetic biology


The Joy of Cloning: Chimera, a Recipe for Integrating Computational Tools with Experimental Protocols
If BU can clone it, so can you! With a pinch of wet lab work and a dash of computational tools, we have developed a new recipe called Chimera that will help fellow synthetic biology cloners in the creation of their genetic devices! Chimera utilizes bio-design automation software tools with experimental protocols and builds upon a thoroughly characterized library of MoClo parts. This recipe, or workflow, integrates software tools to reduce human error and to structure the way device designs are chosen, assembled, and tested. To demonstrate that this workflow can be used by any level of cloner (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), we will highlight how we used Chimera to create:

  • individual genetic parts (namely tandem promoters, fusion proteins, and different backbones),

  • transcriptional units assembled from individual parts (with both new and previously made MoClo parts), and

  • a complex genetic device (our goal is a priority encoder).

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