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Judging Form

What we have archived from this competition
Judging Form

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Improved and New Parts

We constructed new Prhl promoter by improving the original Prhl promoter (BBa_R0071).

Fig. 7-5-1-1. Fluorescence intensity detected by flow cytometer

By changing RhlR binding site and LuxR binding site, we designed Prhl(RL) promoter (BBa_K1529300), Prhl(LR) promoter (BBa_K1529310) and Prhl(RR) promoter (BBa_K1529320).We think (BBa_K1529300) is a improved part and (BBa_K1529310) and (BBa_K1529320) are new parts.We are sure that we made a big contribution to the iGEM and iGEMer by the construction of new Prhl promoter.

Other new parts are Prhl(RL)-CmR-LasI(BBa_K1529302) and Plux-CmR-RhlI(BBa_K1529797 ).

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Policy and Practice

Our team went beyond what is normally expected from iGEM teams in terms of policy & practices. We had much interactions to discuss modulate course of our project with the general public.

For example, our team members and iGEM Tokyo_Tech 2013 veterans gave a presentation at a workshop called “MUSE TALK”. Managers, executives and technicians working in IT companies participated in this event to learn about things outside their specialty.

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Fig. 7-5-2-1. Our presentation at MUSE TALK

After the presentation, many audiences were impressed with the technology of synthetic biology, and acknowledged it as a research which estimates future prospects.