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The word "Team" is not only for us, but for all
iGEM Japan Meetup at Tokyo Metropolitan University

On the 24th of August, iGEM team of Tokyo Metropolitan University held an meet-up for iGEM Japan teams to communicate with each other. iGEM Kyoto ,Nagahama, Gifu, UT-Tokyo, and Tokyo-Tech participated in the meet-up.


In this event, we introduced our project, and exchanged opinions with each other. We also had a party after the presentation. We got many inspirations and useful advices from this event, and it also made iGEM Japan’s relationship stronger.

Fig. 7-4-1-1. Group picture at Tokyo Metropolitan University
Meetup at MIT

On the 29th of October, our team is going to host a meetup at MIT. This will be our first time hosting a meetup, and we are excited to share and learn with other iGEM teams. Since this Giant Jamboree may be the first time for most of the iGEMers to present in front of so many audiences, we want to practice more and provide other teams an opportunity to practice together. Participating teams will have the opportunity to present their projects, and exchange their ideas with other iGEM teams and faculty advisors right before the Jamboree.

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