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Team Members

  • Ilya Levantis
  • Samantha Thompson
  • Tom Hodder
  • Cathrine Disney
  • Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale
  • Bethan Wolfenden
  • Darren Nesbeth
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  • As a non-profit communtiy lab, neither our iGEM entry nor our lab would exist wihout the generous help of our benefactors.

Gold Benefactors

  • London Hackspace
  • UCL Engineering

Silver Benefactors

  • Bio2Business


iGEM Guidance

  • Dr Darren Nesbeth gave us guidance on entering iGEM and sorting out necessary admin.

Providing CL1 lab space

  • UCL Biochemical engineering allowed us use of their labs for carrying out transformations.

Helping with a million tiny, and not so tiny, things

  • London Hackspace members gave us advice about all things metal, wood and digital.
  • Many teams and team members gave us feedback at the YSB event in London.