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The London Biohackspace is a non-profit community biology lab where a diverse group of experts and newcomers alike create inventive projects. Our 2014 iGEM project is JuicyPrint, a 3D printer that is fed with fruit juice to print on demand 3D structures of bacterial cellulose. JuicyPrint has diverse uses across fields ranging from tissue engineering to textile design and experimental arts.

JuicyPrint relies on a strain of the extra-cellular cellulose producing bacteria, Gluconacetobacter hansenii. The engineered strain is light sensitive, and grows on easily obtainable fruit juice. Our project uses Cph8 to insert a light dependent transcription regulation pathway into G.hansenii to control the transcription of dgc1, a gene necessary for the production of extracellular cellulose in G. Hansenii.


Printer Hardware

Culturing G. Hansenii


Applications: 3D Printed Culture Scaffolds

Applications: Art & Design