Team:Korea U Seoul


2014 iGEM Team : Korea_U_Seoul

:Hello, We are Korea_U_Seoul team from Korea University!

2014 Korea_U_Seoul project : Protein Whip Platform

Our project is to construct a novel “protein whip” platform, with which we can make Corynebacterium glutamicum to express other corynebacterium’s pili structure comprised of chains of our interested protein. As our first try, we decided to make pili made out of green fluorescence proteins (GFP); we substituted SpaA protein, one of the surface proteins in the pili gene cluster, into GFP, and transformed a vector containing the modified pili gene cluster into a C. glutamicum. “protein whip” platform has many practical applications. For example, pili made out of an enzyme, enzyme whip will enable the reaction to take place with high efficiency. Biofilms made of bacteria that express pili comprised of histidine or cysteine that readily bind to heavy metals may be utilized to purify water contaminated with heavy metals. By using C. glutamicum instead of Escherichia coli, our project contrbutes to expanding model organisms used in synthetic biology.

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