We want to thank all people who were involved in making a successful iGEM team.

  • General support

    • Dr. Shingo Izawa, Prof. Masamitsu Yamaguchi, Dr. Sumiharu Nagaoka let us use their labs for experiments.
    • Fumihiko Takeuchi, Toyokazu Nakamura, Takao Kawai, Trinh Thi My Nguyen, Yukina Yamauchi, Nozomi Kawazoe, Nana Yoshimoto advised us on experiments and brainstormings.
  • Project Support and Advice

    • Dr. Takehiko Shimada at NARO provided us with d-limonene, gamma-terpinene and beta-pinene synthase genes.
    • Prof. Masamitsu Yamaguchi and Dr. Hideki Yoshida provided us with Drosophila.
    • Dr. Hideki Yoshida, Prof. Toshiyuki Takano, Prof. Toshiharu Akino and Takahumi Mizuno advised us on BioAssay.
    • Dr. Shingo Izawa and Dr. Sumiharu Nagaoka advised us on the construction of parts and art work.
  • Sponsors

    • Teppei Hirayabu, advisor of team KIT-Kyoto iGEM 2010
  • Lab Support

    • Dr. Shingo Izawa let us use his lab for parts construction.
    • Prof. Masamitsu Yamaguchi and Dr. Hideki Yoshida let us use their lab for experiments with Drosophila.
    • Dr. Sumiharu Nagaoka provided us with competent cells.
  • Difficult Technique Support

    • Prof. Toshiharu Akino and Takahumi Mizuno let us use gas chromatography to detect monoterpenes such as d-limonene, β-pinene and γ-terpinene.
  • Project Advisor Support

    • Fumihiko Takeuchi, Toyokazu Nakamura and Kana Kaizuka helped us during our brainstorming.
  • Policy & Practices support

    • Dr. Kazushige Hamada, Prof. Yuko Hanba, Prof. Masamitsu Yamaguchi and Dr. Hideki Yoshida helped us host a workshop.
    • BioArt Club costarred on Media coverage.
    • Kaimei Junior and Senior High School and Shiga Prefectural Zeze High School participated in our survey and High School Visit.